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Our travel bucket list 2018

December 20, 2017

Looking back over the past 12 months we have had one of the most amazing years when it comes to travel. We finally got family passports which were used for our trip to Disneyland Paris. Celebrating their 25th anniversary as the family representing the UK. Words cannot express just how amazing the trip was on so many levels. It has given us the bug to travel more with the children and see the places that we have had on our bucket list for years but never managed to cross off.

Our travel bucket list 2018

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Although the majority of our travel bucket list still focuses on the UK, as there is still so much of it left for us to explore. We are hoping that we will manage at least one trip abroad. With so much of the world to venture out and explore, for our first family fun in the sun holiday we would love to take the children to Majorca. Mr. Boo and I visited here on our honeymoon some thirteen years ago. Although I’m not quite sure that Magaluf is the perfect place for the children, especially at night. Looking on destination2.co.uk has given us a couple of different locations to choose from. Which will be perfect for all the family, plus if we opt to hire a car whilst we are there we could still visit the water park in Magaluf. As well as allow Mr. Boo and I to reminisce about newlywed and childfree days.

Merlin Annual Pass

For the last couple of years, we have opted to purchase Merlin Annual Passes for the family. Whilst to some the initial outlay for them might put them off. We have saved ourselves a small fortune by doing this. With two SEA LIFE Centres within easy driving distance, it means we can have a day out whenever we want. Plus the major theme park attractions are all within a couple of hours driving distance. Then, of course, there are all the London attractions that are included. Although we have made use of the passes in the past, this coming year we are hoping to visit a few of the attractions that we haven’t manage to complete in the past. With childhood memories of Blackpool, I can’t wait to take the children and visit Blackpool Tower, SEA LIFE Blackpool, and Madame Tussauds.

Family & Friends Railcard

With Piglet still being young and requiring a pushchair, changing bag etc. we have opted to travel to most places in our car. Whilst she is a good traveller and will happily sit/sleep in her Cozy n Safe car seat. It does mean that either myself or Mr. Boo has to complete the driving. Which after a hectic day of family fun can be tiring. We have a family & friends railcard so I’d really like to make better use of it this coming year. With maybe a couple of trips with just Roo and Tigger to London or York.


As a child, I can remember going to visit the Jorvik Viking Centre with my school. Something that I’m sure that Roo and Tigger would both enjoy. And after spending a wonderful day at Beamish with Mum in the Madhouse this summer, she mentioned the York Railway Museum – which Tigger would especially love. As well as a couple of other places that would be perfect for the children. So I’d love to arrange maybe a weekend or a couple of days together in the holidays. A chance to catch up with a dear friend as well as have fun and learn with the children.


After years of saying that I must take the children, I finally did get the opportunity to take Roo and Tigger this summer to Beamish. Armed with an annual pass I’d really like to make the most of it, bringing Mr. Boo and Piglet along with us for a few trips to ride the trams, visit the mining village and wander around the town.


I’ve actually only ever been to Wales once, whilst I was completing the Princes Trust Award. Although, yes it did rain and it was cold. There is so much more to Wales than just the weather. Mr. Boo has some family there that we really, really need to visit. Plus the wonderful An Organised Mess lives about 10 minutes away from them so even more reason to pack up the car and head on over. Taking in the beautiful Cardiff Bay, visiting Barry Island (I’m a huge Gavin and Stacey fan) and exploring some of the beautiful beaches that I keep seeing on my Instagram feed.

What is on your travel bucket list?

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