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Cozy ‘N Safe Merlin Car Seat {Six Months On}

October 27, 2017

It’s been six months since we started using the Cozy ‘N Safe Merlin Car Seat for Piglet on our travels. I thought it was about time I gave an update on our first impressions and how we have found using the car seat.

The Cozy N Safe Merlin Group 0+/1 Car Seat (Birth- 18kg) is engineered with a rotating seat for simple access. Children can be seated with complete ease for both the parent and the child through the use of the 360 degrees rotary feature. Children will benefit from the extra level of safety that the Merlin provides as it enables children up to 18kg or Group 1 (4 years approx.) to travel in a rearward position.

Cozy ‘N Safe Merlin Car Seat {Six Months On}

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Although the majority of our day to day and family travels happen within my Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, there are times when I need to transfer the Merlin over to Mr. Boo’s Citroen Xsara Picasso. Whilst the weight of the car seat is the first thing you notice as you come to move it into another car. It is actually really easy to click into place using the ISOfix points. I might not want to have to do it on a daily basis but it isn’t too much of a bother to complete once a week/month etc.


We are all quick to moan about whether our seats are uncomfortable during a journey, however, this is not quite so simple for little ones. Usually, they can only tell you by grizzling or crying, however, it could be easily dismissed as a hungry/tired baby. The true test of comfort in my eyes is whether little ones are happy to fall asleep in the car seat and easily. Piglet does not have this problem. If anything we have to try to keep her awake on some journeys so that she doesn’t have that ‘danger nap’.

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By placing your hand into the Merlin you are able to feel both the softness of the fabric and the extra padding that has been placed within the model to make it a comfortable ride for little ones. The comfort doesn’t stop there, with longer padded sleeves over the straps it ensures that they don’t dig into necks, chests or slide down. As well as a great headrest which provides a comfortable pillow to rest their tired heads against. It can also be easily be adjusted between children or if they’ve suddenly had a growth spurt.


Currently available in two colour options, red and blue – which whilst they are bright and vibrant colours are not ones that I would necessarily select. I much prefer a neutral (boring) grey or black car seat with possibly an accent colour for a little bit of interest. Due to the bright colour of the car seat, I do feel that it shows the dirty marks that come with little ones. Especially around the bottom of the car seat where Piglet’s feet and shoes sit. Whilst I could remove her shoes everytime we get into the car, this is not always practical. So for me, I think that a darker colour might work better in this scenario.

The other issue I have is that the fabric has started to bobble again around the foot area. Whilst it doesn’t look too bad at the moment, Piglet will be using this seat for another 2-3 years so I’m conscious that this may make the Merlin look tired before it’s time.


I have to hold my hands up and confess that I thought that the 360-degree rotation feature on the Cozy ‘N Safe Merlin Car Seat would be a novelty. Something that I would use from time to time but after a while I would keep the seat static. Wrong! So very wrong! I absolutely love the rotation feature and often question how on earth I managed to get Roo and Tigger into their car seats when they were Piglet’s age.

Initially, I thought that it would be great when I’m parked in a tight space. With just enough door opening to squeeze Piglet in the car. Don’t get me wrong, this is fantastic. But actually, its the day to day ensuring that the straps are adjusted correctly. When the seat is facing towards you, you are able to get a much better tighten. Ensuring that the straps are straight and are sitting correctly against the shoulders and body. Whilst doing the same thing either in the rear facing or forward facing position is so much more difficult.

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Our journeys start off with Piglet sitting in the most upright position. This enables her to look out of the window and interact with her siblings in the back of the car. However, on the times that she falls asleep adjusting the recline so that she can snooze without issue is a simple task. Roo currently sits in the middle seat and can see when Piglet is starting to drift off. With a simple twist of the recline knob located on either side of the Cozy ‘N Safe Merlin Car Seat Piglet is soon reclined and able to sleep in a better position.

Lasting Impressions

We’ve been using the Cozy ‘N Safe Merlin Car Seat for six months now and still love it as much we did when it arrived. From the rotating feature which has become an absolute must, to the easy recline feature which doesn’t have me pulling over and having to readjust everything so that Piglet is a good sleeping position. To the obvious comfort that Piglet feels by sitting in the car seat, happily falling asleep and not fussing on longer car journeys to get out.

The only things that I would change would be the colour options available, and possibly the fabric choice to a more hardwearing style to prevent the bobbling – although this could then take away from the comfort so it’s a difficult decision.

Disclosure: We received a Cozy ‘N Safe Merlin Car Seat FOC for the purpose of review

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