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Returning to ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure with social distancing measures

August 8, 2020

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We last visited ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure for their Fantasy February during the February half term. With just Tigger and Piglet with us as Roo was on a ski trip to Italy with her school. This was before I’d even heard about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) before countries across the world faltered under the virus and before life in lockdown. It feels like a lifetime ago.

Restrictions have eased to allow for attractions to reopen as long as they have introduced social distancing measures. This week we returned to ROARR! as a family, a chance to reacquaint ourselves with the dinosaur trail, try out the Predator High Ropes and the new Dippy’s Raceway. So I thought I’d share what a visit to ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure is like under the new social distancing measures.

Pre-booked admission slots

Whilst pre-booking your ticket to visit ROARR! was always advisable to ensure your entry (especially on busy days), they now operate pre-booked admission slots throughout the day (at 30 minute intervals). With families requested to use hand sanitiser stations before joining the entry queue. Before standing on the large purple dinosaur prints to keep the required distance in the queue.


We arrived slightly early for our admission slot so had to wait in the car park along with other families. Which was OK as we all stood 2m apart until our admission time was announced. Social distancing went out of the window with families charging towards the entrance. The poor crew member looked shocked as everyone descended past him. With many people opting not to wait to use the hand sanitiser station.

This isn’t a criticism of ROARR! after all, they have put the measures in place, however, the individuals and families who opt to flout the guidance. Which is prevalent wherever you go, from the supermarket to walking down the street. Ultimately, you can only ensure that you are following the measures for yourself and your family – and try your best not to think about others who are opting not to have the same courtesy.

Once you hand sanitised (hopefully!) and made your way done the dinosaur prints your family waits on a final dinosaur print in front of the admission desks. Stating your booking reference number and collecting your receipt as you walk past you are able to make your way into the park.

A visit to ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure - child standing in woodland with a dinosaur

Arrival in the park

Following the one-way system as you enter the park you are directed left passed the first toilet block and passed the dinosaurs located next to Dinomite (which is closed due to the restrictions). From there you are able to make your way into the main park. with areas changed into one-way systems such as the Dinosaur Trail and the Lost World A-mazing Adventure.

Dinosaur Trail

The one-way system enforced you enter the trail near X-Tinction and make your way through the woodland exploring and discovering the dinosaurs hidden in the trees. Hand sanitiser stations were available at the beginning and the end of the trail. However, I would have liked to have seen a few dotted along the trail, especially as the children were climbing lookout points and saying hello to dinosaurs etc,

A visit to ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure - Goat sitting on an old tractor tyre

Secret Garden

It was lovely to see that this area was still open for the children to see the various animals. A one-way system in places, with face masks to be worn when walking through the barn – which is unavoidable, so ensure you have a face mask with you or opt not to visit this section of the park.

Predator High Ropes

The first time we’ve managed to catch the high ropes course open. Which enabled Roo to register for a session time (every 30 minutes) and try out the different rope obstacles. Social distancing measures in place including a hand sanitiser station before joining the queue, as well as, only those registered for that session able to join the queue system. With 2m social distancing between families whilst climbing onto the course and as they complete the different obstacles. All participants required to come off at the end of each session before the next group is able to start.

A visit to ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure - teenager completing a high ropes course

Play Park

The large play park in the centre of ROARR! is a one of the many draws for families. With children able to plat and explore whilst enjoying picnics etc. As you can imagine not all children are able to understand or adhere to social distancing measures. So some areas of the play park were busier than others. On the whole the children were able to play without getting too close to others.


The main Dinomite indoor play area and cafe were shut, along with the restaurant by the Secret Garden. Food and drink outlets were still available but obviously busy due to the limited availability that you’d normally find within the park.

Toilets were available although alternate cubicles and sinks had been closed to ensure social distancing measures. Which was OK in the ladies toilets as there are generally more cubicles. However, the men’s toilets had the urinals closed as well as alternate cubicles – but when there is only two cubicles and one is closed for social distancing it can leas to a queue. Although funny to see the men queued when it’s usually ladies who are queuing for toilets.

A visit to ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure - child in a pink Frugi top playing on a wooden climbing frame

Our family adventure

Despite the obvious social distancing measures and restrictions in place across ROARR! We were able to have a fun-filled family adventure. A chance to get outdoors in search of dinosaurs whilst blowing away the life in lockdown cobwebs. The children had an amazing time enjoying the dinosaurs, animals, high ropes and play park.

Visit ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure

Tickets for adults and children over 90cm are £16.50, disabled and carers are £8.25, and children under 90cm go free. All tickets must be pre-booked online prior to entry, they can be booked on the day and family season ticket holders must also book in advance. To book tickets, visit the website.

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