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Blogging 101 | Tips for Updating Old Blog Posts for SEO

April 21, 2020

There’s an easy trick for improving your SEO on your blog. The trick involves updating old blog posts for SEO purposes and it doesn’t take much time. There are a few tips and tricks to the process of updating old blog posts for SEO and today I’ll dig into those tips and tricks to help inspire you to take on this project for more traffic, and exposure of your blog.

Know Your Analytics

There are many tools to research the keywords that bring visitors to your blog. A free option is using Google Search Console. This convenient and free tool helps you analyze what keywords are bringing people to your blog and which blog posts. This information is beneficial for updating old blog posts for SEO so that you’re updating them to reflect the keywords that actually bring visitors to that specific piece of content.

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Use Yoast, a WordPress Plugin

Whenever you’re updating old blog posts for SEO it’s good to have some sort of tool to evaluate the keyword data that you opt to use for ramping up old blog posts. A free WordPress plugin, with paid upgrade options, that helps you update old blog posts for SEO is Yoast. This plugin works easily with any WordPress blog and allows you to get a green light when your SEO is on par with the keyword data you insert into the Yoast plugin area.

Review Photos

Since search robots can’t index photos based on what they look like, you’ll want to make sure you update the alt text and descriptions as well as the file names for any photos within old blog posts. This will help your images in old content get re-indexed appropriately when you’re doing this project of updating old blog posts for SEO purposes. While changing the file name would require a download and upload, you can easily just adjust the alt text and description for a decent boost in traffic and ranking.

A laptop computer sitting on top of a table

Develop a Layout

One thing about having a blog is that visitors get used to the layout of your blog posts. Create a layout or template that you utilise for every new piece of content as well as old pieces of content. This will help ensure that you’re focused on updating old blog posts for SEO quicker. Developing a layout can be something where you have the image in a specific place, a short little keyword-rich sentence at the beginning of each blog posts, and a conclusion paragraph that uses the keywords again.

Update Old Information

Last, but not least, times are changing so some of your blog post content may be full of information that is outdated. Review all of the information within each old piece of content for misinformation or data that’s been updated since the time you wrote the blog post. Be sure that you update this old information to reflect current times and standards to ensure your old blog posts are updated for maximum SEO.

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These are just some of the ways you can work to take on this project of updating old blog posts for SEO purposes. This is one of the many important steps that come when you’re a full-time blogger looking to make more money and gain more traffic without having to develop new content on a regular basis. I hope that you’ll use these tips to make plans for updating old blog posts so that you can get more traffic and in turn make more ad revenue with your blog.

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