Blogging 101 | The Best Social Media Sharing Plugin Options for WordPress

August 13, 2019

It’s important to have social media sharing options on your blog and blog posts. This helps gain more traction with people all over the internet. Having the best social media plugin options for WordPress available to pick the best one for your site is a perfect resource to use and share with other bloggers. I hope that this list provides you with some ideas on which social media sharing plugin you should use on a regular basis to help readers click to share your blog posts with their friends and family.

Social Media Sharing Plugin Options for WordPress

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Easy Social Share Buttons

With a near 5 star rating as a social media sharing plugin for WordPress, Easy Social Share Buttons offers a lot of options. This plugin will cost $20, but it’s worth it if you want to test out an A/B campaign by having two social share options, and there are so many other advanced features that help you analyze the data from social shares on your blog.


If you enjoy the social media sharing buttons that Mashable uses on their site, then you may want to give MashShare a try on your WordPress blog. This plugin is free for the basic core option with some upgraded features that start around $19 each. The free core version of this app is perfect for sharing on most popular social media channels, but an upgrade will be needed for any additional accounts.

WP Social Sharing

As a blogger, I personally enjoy finding a free social media sharing plugin for WordPress so that I don’t have more overhead costs associated with running my blog. This is where WP Social Sharing comes into play. You can easily install this through your WP dashboard and pick which social media networks you want to offer and the look is pretty decent for any blogger to give their readers a way to share posts.

Social Pug

Allow your readers to easily share your blog posts over many popular social media platforms with ease using Social Pug. This free plugin with a premium option to upgrade with advanced features for just $34, you can opt to have floating or inline social media buttons. You can choose from multiple shape options for each network to ensure the social media plugin for WordPress matches the lines of your theme.

What is the best social sharing plugin for WordPress?

The honest answer is that this list I shared today for the best social media sharing plugin options for WordPress are all among the best social sharing plugin options for your WordPress blog. Which one you like most will depend on the look, feel and options that each social media sharing plugin offers you. Review each of the plugins I shared today and pick one that suits your social sharing needs the best.

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