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Blogging 101 | Tips For Planning an Editorial Calendar

January 2, 2020

Have you heard about the benefits of having an editorial calendar? Are you ready to start planning your content regularly on your blog this year? Perhaps you’re ready to make it a new goal to stay organised and consistent with content creation.

Whatever your reasons are for clicking over to read this blog post, you’ll be excited to learn some tips for planning an editorial calendar. This is the perfect way to get organised and focused for maximum productivity with your blogging business.

Do Your Research

If you’re going to plan an editorial calendar then you’ll want to make sure you do the appropriate research first. Look at your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Figured out what keywords are popular for your blog and what posts are popular. Make note of this data and proceed to the next tip for planning an editorial calendar.

Determine Your Layout

It’s important to plan an editorial calendar is something that makes sense to you. As an example, some people prefer to use an actual calendar template while others use Google Sheets. The options are endless, what matters is that you choose which layout and tool will work best to remain consistent with your editorial calendar.

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Consider Dates

Now that you know some of your popular blog posts and keywords, you’ll want to consider dates that each topic will be most popular during. For instance, take note of special holidays to make sure you’re planning your content ideas during the right time of year. This allows you to have a specific date in mind to post content that will apply for that time of year.

Plan 3 Months

I know this sounds like an overwhelming amount of time, but it’s highly recommended that you plan your editorial calendar at least three months out. It’s going to take about three months for search engines to index your content anyways, so having a 3-month editorial calendar plan will help you keep up with the right SEO without stressing due to time crunching.

Keep Notes

Whatever tool you use for planning your editorial calendar, make sure you have an area to keep notes. This will help give you a quick reference to what keywords you want to use frequently. You may want to keep some shorter keyword ideas in these notes for use within applicable blog posts.

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Planning your editorial calendar doesn’t have to be stressful nor complicated. Using my tips shared today will help guide you forward in a positive direction to have a solid plan in place for blog content. When you start using your editorial calendar regularly you’ll find that you run a more efficient and consistent blog which will help boost your traffic and revenue.

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