Coming Up with Blog Titles: 7 Sites to Help You Brainstorm {Blogging 101}

Blogging 101 | Coming Up with Blog Titles: 7 Sites to Help You Brainstorm

February 8, 2022

People may think that writer’s block doesn’t exist, but let’s be honest… at one point or another, there will be no other way to describe this feeling other than writer’s block. It’s the feeling of running out of ideas and not knowing how to express your ideas in a way that’s different and new.

You might be googling blogging tips to try to get you out of your rut, but still, be stuck at nowhere. Every writer will eventually reach this point, and it’s a point that really sucks. In theory, new ideas for your blog and blog titles may seem unlimited, after writing about the same content it may feel like you’ve covered everything.

Your blog titles need to be:

Without having a blog title that’s attractive, your current readers and potential new readers might not discover the value that your blog has to offer. There are other important factors that make up an effective and great blog post besides the title, but the title is like a book cover – it’s a reader’s first impression. 

Coming Up with Blog Titles: 7 Sites to Help You Brainstorm {Blogging 101}
  • Actionable – Your blog titles shouldn’t be passive, great titles convey action. Your readers have come to learn about something on your blog, so the title should tell your readers what the content will deliver.
  • Brief – Don’t make your readers get bored, simple is better. A shorter title will get the point across to your readers, and your title will less likely be cut off by search engine results.
  • Definitive – Be confident enough to make proclamations in your blog titles, after all, readers appreciate trusted and valuable resources- so this way they’ll know what you’re talking about from your expertise. 
  • Clear – Don’t use vague language in your blog titles as it may confuse your reader, so prefer clear over clever. Especially when it comes to aiming to rank higher in search engines and organic traffic. 
  • Keyword-Optimized  – There should be a focus keyword in your title for SEO purposes. Your blog’s title doubles as the page title for your blog post’s web page on most platforms, including HubSpot.
  • Intriguing – In the world of online marketing, readers judge a blog post by its title- much like people judging a book by its cover before considering looking at it or buying it. So make sure that your blog titles are informative and interesting at the same time.

Blog Titles Generators

Coming Up with Blog Titles: 7 Sites to Help You Brainstorm {Blogging 101}

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot has blog topic generators that are the most well-known. This is a user-friendly blog topic generator that comes from one of the pioneers in the blogging world. All you have to do is type in three nouns, and “give me blog topics”. There will then be results presented on the next page for five titles that incorporate the keywords you listed.

The blog titles that are generated make it easy to substitute the original keywords that were used with something else instead. The suggestions may not always be perfect, but this blog topic generator makes for a great brainstorming tool.

The great thing about the titles that are generated is that they follow the best SEO practices. 

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

To use this blog title generator you need to type in a subject or keyword and click the generate button. Portent’s Content Idea Generator then goes on to give you title ideas, along with the reason why the generator suggested the said titles.

Their explanations are colourful and clever, they also help you learn what makes titles effective for future use. This generator is the best combination, it teaches you valuable lessons on how to come up with effective titles while giving you suggestions.

The Blog Post Ideas Generator by Build Your Own Blog

This is the generator for you if you’re finding it hard to come up with a topic to write about. Instead of providing topics or keywords like with other generators, with this one you click on the “Generate Blog Post Idea” button and the generator provides you with a random writing prompt in the format of completing a sentence or filling in the blanks.

You will still need to do some work, but this generator is still a source that’s unique and reliable, which gives you quirky ideas for your next blog post.

BlogAbout by IMPACT

BlogAbout adds something extra to other blog topic generators- the creative process. This tool works in a way that inspires your own creativity to come up with your own ideas.

You will then enter a broad blog topic which is sent to the top part of the screen as it’s “top of mind”, BlogAbout helps you generate titles that have blanks to fill in your own keywords. Once you have come up with a blog title that you like, you can have it saved to your list and emailed to you once done.

If you struggle to come up with topics or keywords, BlogAbout has a small drawing pad that can be used to doodle ideas which can then be downloaded.

Title Generator by Tweak Your Biz

If you prefer a generator that provides a mass quantity of ideas for blog titles, then this is the generator for you.

In one click you can have hundreds of randomly generated ideas that are broken down into various categories: motivation, lists, categories, questions, and so on. 

These titles may be more generic in comparison to the other generators, but the Tweak Your Bix title generator definitely tops all the rest in terms of quantity.

Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor

This tool isn’t just a title generator, it’s a lifesaver when it comes to SEO as well. It generates titles that follow the best SEO practices and are catchy. When you select a keyword of a product, brand, industry, or term that’s generic, the generator even helps you with titles that are specific and clever to better resonate with your readers.

Upworthy Generator by Mike Lacher

This generator creates blog titles in clickbait-style that are designed to get high traffic of engagement. These titles may be a bit misleading or sensational, when done in the right way, they can work perfectly well to boost click-throughs and traffic on your blog.

These titles will definitely help you brainstorm and come up with creative ideas!

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