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Life in Lockdown | Lockdown Silver Linings

April 20, 2020

As the days and weeks of social distancing and life in lockdown pass by it is easy to think about the things we are missing out on. The things we have had to cancel or postpone. The people we haven’t seen in weeks or even longer. However, there are positives, silver linings if you will to the current situation.

Ticking chores off the Life In Lockdown to-do list

I’d like to think that everyone has that list of chores to be completed around the home. The list that only ever appears to grow with little ever crossed off. Thankfully this extended period of time at home has allowed us to start ticking chores off the to-do list. With the recent warmer weather allowing us to make headway on the garden bucket list.

Life In Lockdown
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A relaxed pace of life

Usually life is running at full speed. Time spent clock watching for school runs, after school activities, work schedules etc. Life has slowed down to a more relaxed pace of life. I’m really enjoying still completing the mundane of tasks of life but without the urgency of having to have it completed before swimming lessons or performing arts drop off etc.

What’s baking?

Roo loves to bake, however, is usually restricted on when she has time around school and her 101 after school commitments. With time on her hands she has been enjoying creating cupcakes, biscuits and cheesecakes – and we are enjoying eating them, YUM!

My bulk buying is paying off

When we moved to our current house I bought a huge chest freezer for the garage. What The Dad Said laughed when he saw how big it was, joking that we could all fit inside it. Over the years we have made use of it for purchasing meat in bulk from the butcher and freezing it in portions. As well as freezing reduced products from the supermarket etc. With supermarkets running low and not wishing to go shopping as often, we are making the most of all the things in there. The freezer roulette of dinners.

The same goes for always purchasing the big packs of toilet paper, washing powder etc. Even my Amazon subscription to hand sanitiser gel which comes through every three months.

Life In Lockdown
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I was tagged by A Rose Tinted World to share my Life In Lockdown Silver Linings. I’m passing on the challenge to Emma at Emma and 3, Louise at Pink Pear Bear, Ali from Incredibusy and Becky from A Beautiful Space.

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