Organising Your Kid's Wardrobe

Organising Your Kid’s Wardrobes: The Hacks That Will Help You Do It

September 23, 2021

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Your kid’s wardrobes might be in need of some attention. After all, they seem to grow so quickly so you can find that you are keeping different sizes and things can get mixed up. You also might want to get to organising your kid’s wardrobes so that your child can comfortably pick out their clothes and dress themselves. Helping them to get a feel for their own style and individuality. But the organisation side of things can be hard. So here are some of the hacks that will help you do it. 

Before you start, you must declutter the wardrobes 

It is important that you take time to declutter the wardrobes. Your kid’s wardrobes will need this to happen more often than perhaps you do your own. This is because they grow so quickly and will need things to replace items they have grown out of. There are a few things that you might want to do when it comes to your kid’s clothes. Here are some of the options to consider:

  • Re-sell and make some extra money – often children’s clothes are not worn too often, and so you can sell them online to make some extra money. It is a great way to replenish the finances and put the money towards the new things they need. 
  • Donate – another great way to get rid of your children’s clothes is to donate them to a charity. This might be a shop or an organisation that collects clothes to send abroad. 
  • Recycle – Sometimes clothes can get holes and rips and not be good for anything. So make sure you recycle them properly. 
Organising Your Kid's Wardrobe - Decluttering

Organise their wardrobes in different ways 

The first thing to think about would be how to organise their wardrobes and what you want to do. It isn’t about having fancy storage, it is more about being practical so you can see things and know exactly what they have. Kid’s are growing all the time, so you also need to be able to know what fits, and what they may need to be purchased in the future. So here are some of the things to think about. 

Colour co-ordinated 

A great way to help kids find items is to colour coordinate their clothes. It can look visually pleasing as well as help them find what they are looking for. Group similar colours together and hang them in the wardrobe. 

Organise by item 

Another easy way to organise a wardrobe is to do it by item. This is where you will need to get similar items and hang them together. For example, this will be trousers, shorts, skirts, and dresses, depending on the wardrobe you are organising. When your child looks at their wardrobe they will be able to find what they need. 

Organising Your Kid's Wardrobe - Hangers

Could you create more hanging space?

Sometimes space is a big problem, and hanging all of the clothes up might not be possible. So you may need to take time to ensure that utilise the space that you have. You can make more use of hanging space, take advantage of shelves or drawers. Here are a couple of ideas that could help. 

Use hooks on hangers 

If you have more to hang than space, then you could use hanger space-saving hooks on the hangers to add more space. You can get a hook or even use a clip from a can of pop, which you will thread through the hanger hook. This means you have an extra hanger. It will hang a little lower, but it saves on space. 

One clip hangers

One of the hardest things to hang is trousers and jeans. So using a one clip trouser hanger means that instead of folding them over and taking up space, they will hang down. 

Organising Your Kid's Wardrobe

Shoes and other items can be tricky

It isn’t just about the clothes when it comes to the wardrobe. There are other things in there such as shoes and other things that will need organising. So here are some of the ways that you can organise those items in your wardrobe.

Use the door 

A great option to consider when it comes to shoes and smaller items is the wardrobe door. You can purchase door hangers that have pockets within them that can be used to store items that they may not use all of the time such as gloves and scarves. The shoes can also be stored that way if you have the space and big enough pockets to do it. 

Create a shoe rack 

Another thing to consider would be to create a shoe rack at the bottom of the wardrobe using shoe storage boxes. This can help you to store shoes easily. It is a great way to help you see what is there so your child can choose what they want. 

Storage boxes can help

Boxes can be a great addition. If you have shelves in the wardrobe you are using you can separate items with storage boxes. Having storage boxes for different items such as underwear, socks, and even hats and hair accessories can help to make things much easier. It also makes it easy to store things away and visually pleasing as well. 

Organising Your Kid's Wardrobe

Other options to consider 

Finally, there are other things that you can consider to help you keep your wardrobe organised and in order. Here are some options to try. 

Wardrobe organiser

A wardrobe organiser is a great way to help you keep things organised. They usually hang inside your wardrobe and give you the benefit of small drawers and shelves within a hanging space. This means you can try storage boxes, or fold certain items of clothing instead of hanging them. 

Keeping things for when they grow 

You might have a habit of buying clothes ahead of their age group so that you are prepared. Many do this when big sales come around. So have a designated area close to the wardrobe to help you keep this in mind. You can then regularly check this drawer or box so you can always keep your child stocked up and you are less likely to forget what is there. 

Hopefully, these hacks will help you in organising your kid’s wardrobes.

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