4 Big Problems Caused By A Dirty Mattress

March 27, 2021

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Washing all of your bedding is part of your normal cleaning routine, but how often do you clean your mattress? A lot of people don’t think about cleaning their mattress and they assume that the bedding and mattress protector will prevent any problems. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case and if you don’t clean your mattress from time to time, it can have a big impact on your sleep patterns and your overall health. Here’s why you need to start cleaning your mattress regularly. 

Bed Bugs

Preventing bed bugs is one of the main reasons why you need to wash your mattress. Once you get them in your home, they’re incredibly hard to get rid of because they will start jumping around all over the house. You’ll have to call in professional exterminator services to deal with them, but prevention is the best cure where bed bugs are concerned. Vacuuming your mattress on a regular basis will help to capture any bed bugs and stop them from spreading. You can also use specific cleaning products designed to kill them off. 

Dust Mites

If you have allergies and they keep flaring up at night, it’s likely that you have a lot of dust mites in your bed. Dust mites breed very quickly and feed on your dead skin. They also go to the toilet all over your mattress, so you need to clean them off regularly. Again, vacuuming once a week or so will help you stay on top of dust mites and improve allergies. 

4 Big Problems Caused By A Dirty Mattress

Bacteria Build-Up 

When you sleep at night, you sweat a lot and you also lose a lot of dead skin. All of that goes into your mattress and it creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This often gets ignored but you wouldn’t take the same approach to bacteria elsewhere in your home. You know that bacteria can lead to illness and create an unpleasant atmosphere in your home, so you need to clean your mattress on a regular basis to prevent illness. 

Poor Sleeping Patterns 

All of these problems caused by a dirty mattress can have a big impact on your sleeping habits. If there are a lot of dust mites and you have an allergic reaction, this will interrupt your sleep. Bed bugs will bite you in the night and make you incredibly itchy and uncomfortable too. If you don’t clean the mattress for a long time and there is a big build-up of bacteria, this can lead to other health problems that disrupt your sleep. For example, it can irritate your skin and lead to issues like eczema. Lack of sleep is linked to a range of other health conditions so it’s important that you determine the cause of your sleep issues.

A lot of people out there struggle to work out where they are going wrong because they don’t consider the impact of a dirty mattress. This is something that is often overlooked but if you don’t clean your mattress properly, it can lead to a range of problems.

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