A group of people riding skis down a snow covered slope

The Top 5 Family Summer Ski Destinations in Europe

June 5, 2019

So the spring has rolled around, and we are now starting to think towards the Summer and booking the dreaded holiday. When you are a parent, even booking a holiday can be stressful. Finding the right destination, booking accommodation with facilities, kid-friendly food without also considering you might get five minutes to open a book and drink a glass of wine in the sun.

Now, if we were to suggest skiing in the Summer, you might spontaneously combust as that seems beyond stressful and tiring.

But, what if we told you that skiing in the Summer, with the family, could be as relaxing, rewarding and easy to fix as possible? That’s why we thought we would put “The Top 5 Family Summer Ski Destinations in Europe” together to help inspire you. These resorts already have the infrastructure in place to ensure a dare we say, blissful holiday experience for families. We are talking good food, entertainment and family-focused activities. Plus, all resorts enjoy beautiful undisturbed sunshine in the afternoons so imagine skiing in the morning, a delicious lunch, then you might just be able to open that book and sit in the sun in the afternoon. How perfect?

Let’s dive right in and find out more about The Top 5 Family Summer Ski Destinations in Europe!

A group of people riding skis down a snow covered slope


Best For: Young Kids & Teens
Skiable Terrain: 64km
When Is Best To Visit?:  All Summer
Unmissable Activities: Kinderland, Snowpark, Ski School, Kids Restaurant & Family Focussed Accommodation

Quite a declaration, but Stubai can back It up with the credentials too. Let’s start with the weather, Stubai is one of the most snow-sure glacier resorts in Europe. You are almost guaranteed good snow throughout the summer months and also throughout the day. Generally, the snow becomes too slushy in the afternoons on glaciers, but this is somewhat avoided in Stubai due to consistently cold air, therefore choosing a well-insulated jacket is highly recommended. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and views in the afternoons though. Activity wise, between Kinderland fun park and the ski schools for the little ones, then an internationally acclaimed snowpark and junior camps for the teens to practice their skills, Stubai has it all. They have some fabulous kid-friendly restaurants as well!

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Best For: Teens
Skiable Terrain: 20km
When Is Best To Visit?:  Peak Season
Unmissable Activities: Snowpark, Amusements

Tignes offers a really well-balanced summer skiing experience, best suited to families with young to older teens. Their summer ski school is particularly good, offering the chance to watch your young adults progress and put their skills to the test. Tignes’ summer ski school runs five-day workshops and hour-long lessons each day. The glacier closes at 1 p.m., which is a perfect time to take your skis down to the water ramps on the lake. How blissful does that sound? Ease your aching ski muscles in the mountain lake in the afternoon. Skiing in the morning then lakeside picnics with the family come sundown! There is also entertainment in town such as so evening walks in the high street will offer something for the whole family too.

A group of people standing on top of a snow covered mountain


Best For: Youngsters & tots
Skiable Terrain: 21km
When Is Best To Visit?:  All Summer
Unmissable Activities: Wolli Land, Funventure, Hiking

Skiing in Zermatt in the Summer, or indeed in the Winter is fabulous. Zermatt offers a really well-balanced experience from the quality of the skiing to the apres ski activities and the culture. Being on the border of Italy and the Summer skiing on the glacier being split between both countries means you have an exciting mix in the atmosphere of the town. Zermatt is ideally suited to holidays with smaller children as there is in-resort childcare and plenty of entertainment from the famous Wolli land, the Glacier Park and funventure. You can also spend the afternoons walking in the foothills and eating pizza on the Italian side!


Best For: Pre teen
Skiable Terrain: 22km Inc cross country
When Is Best To Visit?:  Peak Season
Unmissable Activities: Wildlife centre, glacier park

Preteens will be utterly fascinated with Dachstein. Not only is the skiing top notch throughout the peak season months, think early 6 week holidays but a trip to Dachstein can also be a learning experience for impressionable teens! For example, the glacier park is unmissable. Up at the top awaits a natural paradise, far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, surrounded by the rugged rocks of the Dachstein massif with a view over Austria’s peaks. A trip up Styria’s highest peak is sure to provide moments that linger long in your memory. A fantastic panoramic view as far as the eye can see and attractions such as the Dachstein suspension bridge with the stairway to nothingness, the Sky Walk and the Ice Palace. You also have the wildlife park, which is an incredible attraction and a great way to spend an afternoon after a great morning skiing.

A man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Presena Glacier, Val Di Sole

Best For: Kids & Pre teen
Skiable Terrain: 26km
When Is Best To Visit?:  Peak Season
Unmissable Activities: Rafting and adventure activities, ski school, Horse Riding, snow biking

Presena Glacier, Val Di Sole is fun and relaxation for the entire family. They offer excellent discounts for families with small children, which means there are chances to save on lift passes etc. Presena Glacier is also home to world-class ski schools and excellent quality tuition. Being good with kids seems to be ingrained with the Italians, and the kids will be guaranteed to come away, having had a brilliant time at ski school. But off the slopes, there is plenty to do. Skiing in the morning, maybe a delicious bowl of pasta at lunch then you can head for an afternoon of rafting or perhaps horse riding or even snow biking. An opportunity for a truly unique holiday.

That’s it folks, about wraps it up. We hope you found this article useful, taking a little of the fuss out of taking the family on holiday in the Summer and instead of enjoying every minute of what should be a brilliant and rewarding experience. Seeing your family get better at the sport, sitting on sun loungers in the sun outside a mountain hut and laughing. It’s the stuff memories are made of. Be sure to let us know how you get on with your next family holiday and if you need help deciding on what to pack, check out our guide.

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