10 Gift Ideas for Children who Love Skiing

December 3, 2019

If you have a little one who loves skiing, getting them a ski-related gift is a perfect way to keep them motivated. While there is a lot of skiing equipment that you could buy for your children, it may be hard deciding which ones they like.

But you don’t have to worry. We have done the hard work and came up with 10 gift ideas we think skiing children will easily fall for. If it is your first time going on ski holidays with the whole family we also made a little list for you with useful things to pack for your next skiing holiday.

Now let’s dive right into our gift ideas for your child who loves skiing:

1. Ski Clothes 

Ski jackets and pants are the two most important garments. The best ski jackets are comfortable, stylish, well-fitting and keep your children warm and dry. Avoid baggy jackets that tend to let in cold air and get your kid trembling. Go for the versatile ones that can be used beyond the slopes. 

Both the pants and jackets should have waterproofing capabilities and be breathable (breathability is the ability to allow seamless air circulation and prevent overheating). 

Also, the pants should have articulated knees to allow for smooth movement and easy bending. 

2. Helmet

You don’t want your kids hurting their heads while skiing. That is why a helmet is one of the most crucial skiing equipment. When shopping around for a helmet for your child lookout for one that utilizes the latest technologies and fits well. Size is important, so make sure to go with your kid so you can test if the helmet is well-fitting.

The helmet should also be comfortable to wear. Check if it comes with a soft lining and good ventilation options. You should also consider getting matching goggles if your children don’t already have them.

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3. Socks

Keeping your kid’s feet warm while skiing cannot be emphasized enough. We recommend socks that are specifically tailor-made for children’s feet. They should be soft and thick enough for cushioning support and comfort. The socks should also have a padding system to keep the forefoot, shin, and heel from being injured.

 4. Boot Bag

Kids tend to lose their belongings a lot. That is why you need a boot bag to ensure that their ski boots are safe and with them all the time. This is especially important when travelling to the ski destination. If your child has heavy or clunky pairs of ski boots, carrying them may be a challenge. But if they have a comfortable boot bag, everything is certainly easy. 

Apart from making the ski boots easy to carry around, boot bags will also ensure that the boots don’t scratch, gouged or collect spills.

5. Skis

Children skis are slightly different from those of adults, so buying the right ones may be a challenge. One of the most important features to look out for is the size of skis. You should know your child’s weight and height before buying the skis so that you don’t end up with the wrong ones. 

The child’s ski level will inform the kind of skis that you buy them. For instance, children who are just getting their feet wet with skiing will be more comfortable with short skis. The same goes for lighter children. 

On the other hand, if the child has been skiing for a while or a bit heavier for their weight, the skis should be longer 

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6. Action Camera

An impeccable skiing adventure involves capturing the day’s activities as they unfold. Your kids will love looking back at all the fun they had and invariably look forward to the same experience. 

But this is only possible if you have a good quality action camera. Don’t let all the fun memories fade away. Gift your child with a beautiful and easy to use action camera and they will be eternally grateful.

A good action camera should have a sturdy build with waterproof and shockproof capabilities. The most important thing is video quality, so ensure the camera has 4K resolution with advanced motion stabilization technology. It should also be lightweight and easy to mount.

7. Base Layers

The cold on the slopes is unforgiving. If your kid is not kept warm enough, they may feel under the weather. Apart from buying them warm jackets and pants, you should also get high-quality base layers. These are worn under all the other ski clothes and are usually tight-fitting. 

A good base layer should be quick-drying, comfortable and highly breathable. Additionally, it should be stretchy and easily adjustable to body size and motion. We recommend those that are soft and have long backs and high collars to provide more protection. 

8. Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is a perfect recipe for a memorable skiing experience. Gift your child with a stylish, portable and high-end water bottle. Children have different tastes when it comes to their water bottles so make sure to keep that in mind when buying one. We recommend colourful bottles that are smaller than those for adults.

Children are more comfortable with plastic bottles than stainless steel. The bottle should be easy to use and clean with minimal leak tendencies. 

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9. Snood

Surprise your little one on their special day with a cosy and stylish ski snood. The snood should be made of lightweight fabric and easy to put on. This will help them keep warm while not being too uncomfortable or bulky.

The best thing about snoods is that they are versatile so your kids can use them on the slopes and at home when the chill kicks in. 

10. Ski Rack 

A ski rack can be a great accessory for your child’s room. It does not only save valuable space in your basement, but it will also look amazing on the wall. You can either buy ski racks online or get creative and make a DIY-version out of metal hooks you can find very cheap at your local hardware store. 

We hope you like our recommendations for the best gift ideas for skiing children. Our inspiration was this great article about gift ideas for winter sports lovers – so if you didn’t find what you were looking for here you might be able to find the perfect gift there. 

If you have any other suggestions or ideas, feel free to share it in the comments section.

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