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Cheapest ski holiday destinations in Europe

November 11, 2019

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When it comes to the winter season, one thing is for certain. As soon as the temperatures start dropping and the night sky becomes darker a bit earlier than it was before, ski resorts all over the world are prepping for their busiest time of the year. From skiing to snowboarding, they’re polishing up the slopes and getting ready to welcome the public with open arms. 

And as travellers, this means one thing and one thing only. It’s time to gather up your passports and get your mind ready to hit the slopes. Having a budget in mind might be something that’s weighing heavily on your mind and luckily, we’ve gathered up some of the cheapest ski holiday destinations in Europe. 

Just because you’re planning an awesome ski holiday doesn’t mean that you have to pump the brakes too hard on your everyday spending habits. And although all the expenses of flights, lodging, equipment rental and more might be racking up in your brain, you can rest easy knowing that there are affordable options to make your dream ski holiday happen. 

If you’re looking for some simple ways that you can easily book an affordable ski holiday, you’re not going to want to miss out on these great ski holiday destinations in Europe that are beautiful in location and beautiful for your budget as well. 

Find the cheapest ski holiday destinations in Europe

Before narrowing it down to all the great locations that are available, it’s important to first highlight the affordability of Holidu, the search engine for holiday homes. Not only has this search engine literally done all the work for you, but it’s done in a way that keeps budgets in mind as well. 

As you’ll see from the highlighted list of ski resorts below, it’s possible to find resorts that are amazing and cheap. Holidu actually searched over 250 ski resorts and focused in on the ones that contained more than 50km of the area to ski in The Alps. This means that you’ll have a great location, a stunning view, and an unbeatable price. 

Ski resorts in France are surprisingly cheap

A group of people standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Thollon Les Mémises – £35

Located in between Lake Geneva and the Mémises mountains you will find the Thollon Les Mémises ski resort. This resort is family-friendly and allows for budgets to go far. There is even an option for ski school for the kids to learn how to ski properly. Planning a day trip here will cost £21 for the day ski pass and £14 per person for accommodation.

  • Total ski area: 50km
  • Recommended for: Beginner and intermediate skiers

Hirmentaz/Les Habères – Bellevaux/Habère-Poche – £37

This resort was meant for family fun. And those who have visited here before say that you truly do get a lot for your money. All the ski stations in the vicinity actually link together to give you direct access to all the skiing locations that are available. The cost is £22 for a day ski pass and £15pp for your accommodation.

  • Total ski area: 50km
  • Recommended for: Beginner and intermediate skiers

Arêches (Beaufort) – £41

Last but definitely not least is this eco-friendly ski area that is quite stunning. There are all different types of ski runs and natural areas to explore and offers great skiing options for everyone. And if you’re worried about a potential lack of snowfall, don’t be. This report has one of the highest snowfalls in the Alps. There’s always snow there! A daily ski pass costs a mere £26 and there is a holiday rental for a night £15pp.

  • Total ski area: 50km
  • Recommended for: all levels of skiers

Affordable Italian Ski Resorts

A man riding skis down a snow covered mountain

Riserva Bianca – Limone Piemonte – £56

This ski resort is amazing. The ski runs are wide and allow for plenty of space to be creative going down the slopes. It’s a beautiful ski resort that is located in the Southern Alps. A ski pass will cost £30 and having a home for the night is at £26pp.

  • Total ski area: 80km
  • Recommended for: Intermediate snowboards and Intermediate Skiers

Pragelato – £68

Don’t let your first glance of this village and ski resort fool you. While it might look average, there is nothing average about it. In fact, it’s well-known for two very distinct reasons. First, it was the major hosting location for many of the 2006 Winter Olympics. And secondly, there’s a cable car system, known as the Milky Way to the locals, that links up to Via Lattea. It’s really unique and a huge draw for coming to this resort. The cost is £31 for your ski pass and £37pp for an overnight stay.

  • Total ski area: 50km
  • Recommended for: Intermediate snowboards and skiers

Aprica – £59

This ski resort will not disappoint. The wide range of skiers here is amazing as some are trying it for their first time while others are looking to take their game to the next level. The great part is that it’s only a 2-hour drive from the Milan airport and easy to get back and forth to as needed. This comes in at a price oh £34 for ski pass and £25 per person for a rental.

  • Total ski area: 50km
  • Recommended for: Intermediate snowboarders and skiers

Cheap ski resorts in Austria

A group of people riding skis on top of a snow covered mountain

Nassfeld – Hermagor – £64

With over 100km of ski runs, you’re going to love this resort. Not only is it the cheapest to visit and stay and play but it also offers the most places to ski and explore as well. It’s located directly on the border to Italy which gives people the choice to visit in that country, too. While the ski pass will cost you £42, the accommodation will only cost you £22pp 

  • Total ski area: 100km
  • Recommended for: Intermediate skiers

Großeck Speiereck – £65

If you’re looking for a ski resort to get out and play in the snow, you’ll find that here! Don’t pass up the chance to explore this area of Austria while you’re there. This resort is great for beginners who are learning the ropes. The cost is £37 for the daily ski pass and £28pp for an overnight stay.

  • Total ski area: 50km
  • Recommended for: Beginner skiers

Grossglockner Heiligenblut – £67

Are you a fan of heights? If so, you’ll want to go to this ski resort. It’s located at the very top of the highest mountain in Austria! Those views are stunning and the ski runs are epic. Anyone can find something to do here and it’s just loaded with options. Your fee will be £40 for your day ski pass and £27pp for your overnight stay.

  • Total ski area: 55km
  • Recommended for: Varied levels of skiers

Switzerland Ski Resorts that Won’t Break the Bank

A man standing on the side of a snow covered mountain

Brigels-Waltensburg-Andiast – £68

You have to check out the resort where the sunshine meets the snow. The scenery that this resort provides just might be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Not only that, but it’s so much fun to sledge, go snow tubing, take out some snowmobiles or even go on a nice winter hike at this ski resort. A daily ski pass costs £35 and an apartment for the night is £33pp. 

  • Total ski area: 50km
  • Recommended for: Intermediate skiers

Mythen Region – £69

This resort has a toboggan run! Talk about fun for the whole family! And for the ski lift, don’t fret. There are 22 chair lifts that will make the whole process extremely smooth. The cost here is £37 for the ski pass and £32pp for overnight accommodation.

  • Total ski area: 50km
  • Recommended for: Intermediate skiers

Savognin – £71

The ski slopes here feel as though they might go on forever. And the good news is that there are slopes for all levels of skiers. There’s even a children’s piste for the kids, too! For a cost of £45 for the ski pass and £26pp for the accommodation, you just can’t pass this up. 

  • Total ski area: 80km
  • Recommended for: Beginner and Intermediate Skiers

The most expensive ski resorts in The Alps

A view of a snow covered mountain

If you’re loving the affordable ski resort options but are wondering what are the most expensive, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! 

Zermatt in Switzerland – Known as the “best resort in the country”, this ski resort has over 300km of skiing area. It’s certain to be beautiful and fun but it will set you back £157 for a ski pass and overnight accommodation.

Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy – Drawing in the European crowd, this resort will cost a grand total of £143. It’s expensive but also a lot of fun, too.

Obergurgl in Austria – This “Diamond of the Alps” is the most expensive in the entire country. Plenty of tourists and wealthy travellers visit here and help to keep the pricing high. This will cost you £134 for the day/night stay. 

Les Trois Vallées in France – If you’ve always wanted to visit the world’s largest ski area, this is it. It’s massive in size and comes with a hefty price tag of £89 as well. 

When it comes to finding affordable and beautiful ski resorts that are located all throughout Europe, this list of suggestions proves that it’s possible to do. Use this simple guide as a way to keep your next ski holiday affordable, fun, and stress-free! 

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