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A Backpacker’s Guide To Travelling Europe This Winter

November 28, 2019

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Whether you are a newbie to international backpacking or setting your course to Europe as a seasoned traveller, the winter season is filled with exciting opportunities for adventure throughout the continent. With so much to see and do, albeit, under a blanket of snow in most places, you are sure to enjoy yourself. However, even experienced backpackers will benefit from reading some simple advice and friendly reminders regarding what you will need before heading abroad.

Making sure to have the essentials before you take off will provide you with the peace of mind that you are properly prepared for your holiday. You will be able to relax and stay in the moment to ensure that you maximise the enjoyment of your holiday.

To have the safest and most enjoyable holiday in Europe this winter, let’s look at some essential tips that all backpackers need to keep in mind. If, on the other hand, you prefer the comfort and peace of mind offered by organized tours, you’ll find a ton of amazing Europe tours with just a few clicks.

Find Adequate Travel Insurance

Every traveller needs to purchase adequate travel insurance before taking off for their destination. Since there are many things that could happen on your holiday that might threaten your physical and financial well-being, it is important to be covered in the unlikely event that any of these things actually materialise. Instead of being left with expensive bills in the event of trip cancellation, lost baggage, emergency medical expenses abroad, or cancelled flights, you will be able to use your travel insurance to seek compensation for these unexpected costs.

With many excellent providers of travel insurance available, including InsureandGo in Australia, you will have no difficulty in finding adequate coverage without breaking your travel budget.

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Pack Adequate Clothing

Naturally, many countries in Europe are fairly cold during the winter months. You will be in for a rude surprise if you are not properly dressed for the weather. Expect snow and rain in most places. Be sure to bring warm coats, sweaters, and perhaps even some boots. This is especially true if you are planning to take advantage of some time in the mountains for snowboarding, skiing, or alpine hiking.

Plan Your Itinerary

Before you take off to Europe, it is always best to have a general sense of where you want to visit. Your trip may only be a couple of weeks or may extend up to the full three months of a Schengen Visa, either way, you will make the best use of your time if you decide early on what you absolutely must see and make a plan to see it.

While spontaneity is an important element of all travel adventures, it is important to prepare properly to avoid disappointment. You will want to keep some days or weeks free of plans, as you will certainly encounter situations where you want to change your plans at some point on the trip. However, having a general outline of your route throughout the continent is a good idea.

Find Some Seasonal Attractions

Throughout almost every country in Europe, there are many things to see and do during the winter months. Germany, for example, features internationally renowned Christmas markets that every traveller needs to experience.

Find some seasonal events and attractions that interest you to ensure that you have some structure to your holiday.

Use Common Sense And Enjoy Yourself

Backpacking in Europe can be a lifechanging experience for those who are ready for the adventure. The winter months are an exciting, and generally quiet, season for tourists to visit the continent. Making sure to prepare a bit before you leave will allow you to enjoy your travels more and also allow you to stay safe through any uncertain circumstance.

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