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The Month That Was… May 2020

June 1, 2020

Despite it being the second full month in the lockdown, May felt as though it came and went all too quickly. A very different May to the one we would normally have enjoyed. Usually, we are starting to ramp up our family adventures. Making the most of two bank holidays and the May half-term holidays to get out and about. This year our May has revolved around being at home and making the most of the garden. Time still spent as a family so we can’t complain (but we’re British, so we do!).

Boo and What The Dad Said

As we wave a fond farewell to May, I think both What The Dad Said and I can say we are shattered. Although for different reasons. What The Dad Said is still burning the candle at both ends with extra shifts at work (much needed as I have very little work), his blog, time with the children and completing tasks and chores around the house and garden. On the go from the moment he wakes until he climbs into bed late at night.

Whereas I’m still not sleeping very well. Having tried all the usual techniques to relax, calm my mind and body before bed – to no avail. A mixture of 101 things running through my mind as soon as my head touches the pillow, to funny dreams and night sweats. It doesn’t help that Piglet has decided that she’d like to get up nice and early so when I do finally manage to get to sleep I’m woken up by her. This too will pass, I know, but I’m struggling with the lack of sleep.


As part of the Imperial College London’s Coronavirus random testing, Roo was asked to take part and complete a test. Her opportunity to do her part in the pandemic, although she wasn’t thrilled about the swab tests (but better than an injection). Everything came back negative as we thought it would, but it took over a week for the results to come through.

She is continuing to keep on top of her schoolwork and has started a yoga class via the school zoom chat alongside her usual dance class. The performing arts department also arranged for an online dance class and Q&A with Layton Williams from Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, which she really enjoyed. Especially as she went to see him perform the show on the West End last year.


The two bank holiday weekends has allowed Tigger and Roo to set up camp in the garden. Taking part in the Great British Camp Out with GO Outdoors, helping to raise fund for NHS staff. Despite the rain and the wind, they had a great time out in the garden. With all the comforts to hand, I’m not sure if they’ll be asking to go camping for real once the lockdown is over.

Alongside the camping Tigger has been loving the new water pistols I managed to order. Although with two sisters he is often ganged up on and ends up soaking wet before the others. Gaming still features as his go-to lockdown past time, making the most of the Xbox Game Pass as well as loving the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons game.


We’ve consciously decided to ‘unschool’ Piglet during the lockdown. Whilst her preschool teachers are still sending us a range of activity ideas via Tapestry we are only using these as a guide rather than a to-do list. We can see that she’s not interested in sitting at the table with her siblings to complete worksheets etc. Instead, she is learning through play and visual learning through videos and apps.

The extended time at home is starting to wear thin with her. Asking when she can go out in the car with us or see her friends again. So difficult for her to understand that we feel the safest place for her at the moment is at home with us. One day soon we will be able to venture past the edge of the path, but not quite yet.

Did you manage to make the most of the two bank holiday weekends?

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