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20 Self Care Ideas for Teens

May 6, 2020

Is your teen able to cope with the burden of school deadlines, packed schedules and activity-laden evenings? Even as adults we are exhausted and sometimes unaware of the toll stress in our lives. By maintaining a regular self care routine we will have to be ready. So we need to teach our teenagers, as parents, how to incorporate self care practices into their lives. Here are several self care practices for teenagers to seek to integrate into their self-care routine.

How we define self care?

Self-care is being aware of one’s own needs and is responding to them. Acknowledging that we as human beings have spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical needs and we need to be responsible for taking steps to care for ourselves. More simply, we need to check in with ourselves and have some routines that allow us to act in the best possible way!

Our teens have to work hard at school, to be able to stay focused in class and at home and to retain what they have learned. Teenagers can have after school activities, where they are physically and mentally engaging themselves. As well as responsibilities at home and may need to look after younger siblings.

Therefore, self-care is important for a healthy life! Let’s discuss some ideas and activities for self-care.

20 Self Care Ideas for Teens
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Self Care Ideas for Teens

  • Get enough night-time sleep by proper bedtime.
  • Give yourself breaks on social networks where you don’t watch any social media for an hour or evening.
  • Spend time with friends who, particularly encourage you.
  • Share your issues with a parent or mentor, such as teacher, cheerleader or coach.
  • Create a list of what you need to do, and define what you need to do next.
  • Relationships – release those that make you feel tired, or like you are not good enough.
  • Be careful how you speak and drop those unnecessarily aggressive comments about yourself.
  • Create a list of all the things that you love! And then grow a few hobbies which will really fill you back up.
  • Allow time for meals to get your metabolism working and your body care.
  • Pay good attention to studying. Use the time by listening and making notes wisely.
  • Limit your sugar consumption. Set clear guidelines such as no more than three pops/beverages per week.
  • Read some interesting books. Ask your teacher for guidance, or your mates.
  • Be conscious of ups and downs on your own, and build a strategy to manage your low times.
  • Send your homework and school assignments on time. Avoid the discomfort of being habitually late.
  • Get yourself healthy. Walk with your brother or your dad. Join a sport at the school or have fun on an intramural team.
  • Submit your tasks. Don’t expect parental nagging and stress. Decide when the best time is, and get it done!
  • Say no to stuff that you don’t really want to do like a school activity that you just entered because your friend asked.
  • Take the day off. Be careful with “off-time” schedules where you can really relax and not feel bad.
  • Set yourself clear and achievable targets. Divide them into areas like education, vacation or individual goals.
  • Get pleasant and innovative. Now if you’re older, that doesn’t mean you still don’t have to play in your life. Design a painting, cook or take the young niece or sibling to the park.

Well done self care isn’t selfish. We just have the obligations and roles that we have to do. Yet we have to be doing effectively to do our tasks. And then we have to take care of ourselves to keep ploughing along!!

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