The 2-week wait

June 5, 2012

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they decide to either have children or not. Having children was always something that I wanted. In fact I wanted 5 boys, enough for a five-a-side football team!

When Mr Boo and I got married we decided to try straight away for a baby, being only 21 I thought that this was something that would come fairly easily for me. This was not the case.

Very early on we decided that if for whatever reason I did not fall pregnant we would not go for tests or look into IVF. This decision was based on the fact that neither of us wanted to know who would be the reason behind not falling pregnant. Personally I could not live with the guilt of not being able to give Mr Boo any children. Whilst on the other hand I know that a part of me would always blame Mr Boo if he wasn’t able to give me any children either.

After trying for a number of months and anxiously awaiting to see if this month was the month, then feeling disappointed that I’d have to wait another month. Whilst all around me the world and his wife seemed to be falling pregnant at the drop of hat.

On a night out with some friends after over a year and a half of trying, one friend was moaning about being a single parent. She was moaning about how she was never going to find love again and that I was lucky to have Mr Boo. I shouted at her “You have the one thing in life I may NEVER get!“, I was angry and drunk. I know I shouldn’t have shouted at her but at that moment in time I felt so worthless, a poor excuse of a woman who couldn’t have what is supposed to come naturally… a baby.

Less than a week later I found out I was pregnant with Roo, maybe someone was listening to my rant! Of course panic then set in as I realised that I had been so very drunk just a few days before.

Although in the few years since having Roo fertility kits had been much more readily available. Ovulation kits helping you gauge with you are likely to be more fertile then having to endure the 2-week wait until you see if this month is your lucky month.

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I attended a fertility event and screening of What to expect when you’re expecting in London, I have not been instructed what to write my words, thoughts and opinions are my own unless quoted.

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