We all need a break!

April 22, 2012

I’ve had a conversation replaying in my head for a couple of weeks now and the more I replay it, the more annoyed I become. Let me explain…

I recently sat listening to a rant about a working mother which although was not directed at myself I could see that if you changed the names of those mentioned it could so easily be applied to myself. The rant consisted of a single mother complaining about her friend who works. Her argument was that said friend only sees her little girl for a short amount of time each day so does not understand why she would need a break.

Now I need to explain my feelings… I am a working mum and whilst I only work three days (although currently four days) I do find the constant clock watching, Dashing from home, school, nursery, work then work, school, nursery, home does eventually take it’s toll on you.

It not our children we need a break from (although still very nice when we get one), it’s life in general that we crave a break from. That five minutes when the world stops and you can just relax and breathe.

I am not saying that being a single mother or a working mother is any more difficult than the other but we all need a break sometimes.

Boo xxx

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