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Earlier this year when Tigger was in hospital I was introduced to a special teddy… Talking Ben. During an examination the consultant wanted to gain and keep Tiggers attention. Trying to get a 15mth old to concentrate is not an easy task, however he had a secret weapon up his sleeve. Well in his pocket actually, his iPhone… I began to wonder what he was doing then he turned the screen around and we were introduced to Ben.

Following on from his app success you can now own your very own Talking Ben. With a tap of his head, a tickle on his tummy or left foot Ben interacts with you. By pressing his left hand and waiting for a red light to appear you can record your own message with Ben recites back to you.

Both Roo and Tigger found him very funny. Tigger was more taken by his actions, his wriggly and head movements really captured Tigger. I could see his little cigs turning, thinking how does he do that? Roo on the other hand was amazed that he would recite things back to you. A new interactive best friend for her.

I have to confess that I’m just starting to get the whole ‘app’ thing but have seen just how popular they can be. For all those who have used the Talking Ben the Dog app I would recommend this. I think that this would have a great gift for dads, grandads, and any other male family members. 




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Disclosure Policy: I received a Talking Ben Talk Back Toy in exchange for this review.


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