Craft Party – Treasure Box Party

August 25, 2012

When planning children’s parties it is so easy to go overboard and spent far too much. In reality how much of the huge party do they remember? Not much 
Did they get to see and speak to all their friends? Probably not
What did their guests come away with other than a slice of cake and some really annoying plastic toy? A headache maybe

Why not opt for something a little more special, something creative, something that each child can take a special gift home. Introducing Craft Party…

A close up of a box

Treasure Box Party

Ideal for girls aged 5-8yrs, each activity pack contains enough materials for upto six children. Making it manageable to hold at home or to take to a friends house for a sleepover.

On first glance of the Treasure Box Party I thought that it only contained the treasure boxes, however upon opening the box and reading the instructions I noted that materials to make bracelets were also included. An extra bonus for the girls, not only to they get a hand designed treasure box but a lovely bracelet to take home too.

Each pack contains:

6x Heart boxes
6x Pots of paint (2 colours – pink & purple)
6x Paint brushes (ahhh no fighting over who gets to use the paint brush next)
100x Self-adhesive jewels
120x Beads (4 colours)
6x Assorted Charms
6x Lengths of stretch cord
6x Sheets of tissue paper
1x Instructions for supervising adult

Decorating the boxes

  • Before starting make sure you take the necessary precautions with newspaper etc to catch any mishaps.
  • Give each child a heart shaped box
  • Share out the self-adhesive jewels (approx 16/17 each)
  • Distribute the paint brushes and paint
  • The instructions advise sticking the jewels on first then painting, I would agree with this, it makes painting flowers etc much easier.
  • Once boxes are completed add a piece of tissue paper inside in preparation for the bracelets.

Making the bracelets

  • Give each child a length of stretch cord
  • 1x charm
  • Share out the beads (20 per child)
  • Simply thread the beads and charm onto the stretch cord and tie the ends together in a double knot.

What Roo thought…

‘It was lovely to have my friends over’. Roo really enjoyed the creative side of decorating the heart box.

What Boo thought…

I loved watching the girls interact with each other, gaining ideas and tips from each other. When it came to making the bracelets they decided that these would be their friendship bracelets and would ear them every time they met up to play… Aw, how sweet!

I found host a little creative tea party far less stressful than a normal full on birthday bash for Roo. She was able to interact with each of her friends and the giggles were so lovely to hear. When it comes to her actual birthday in November I will certainly be considering this as an alternative, although I think having one of these in the cupboard for school holidays, sleepovers or tea parties would come in so handy.




M and Design
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I received a Craft Party Treasure Box Party in exchange for this review. My thoughts and opinions are my own unless quoted.

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