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December 22, 2012

Poor bone health is not an automatic part of ageing. Scientists have conducted a wealth of research showing that a healthy diet and regular exercise regimes are important for good bone health. Three nutrients, in particular are needed for strong bones and teeth:

  • Calcium – our bodies contain about 1kg of calcium, 99% of which is the bones and teeth. Milk and dairy products are the main source.
  • Vitamin D – this is needed to help in the absorption of calcium and in the incorporation of calcium into the bones.
  • Protein – both too little and too much can affect bone health. An average adult should eat around 61grammes of protein each day.

Risk of health problems from low vitamin D levels

Getting enough vitamin D in particular can be hard for many people. The main source of vitamin D is sunlight but in a northern country such as Britain, exposure to sunlight is limited for much of the year. In addition, government recommendations to cover the skin and apply sunscreen, further reduce skin synthesis of
vitamin D. Food can also be a source of vitamin D, however again many people fail to eat enough vitamin D rich food such as oily fish, eggs and fortified spreads or cereals.

Researchers have found that vitamin D intakes in the UK can be dangerously low. One in two women do not get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D intakes are considerably lower than the European RDA of 5 micrograms (5µg) daily with adult women consuming on average just 2.6micrograms daily from diet alone and older women over the age of 65 years consuming 2.9micrograms. A quarter of adults have blood levels of vitamin D that are too low to sustain normal bone health. This puts them at risk of bone health issues such as fractures. Data from the most recent report of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) indicates that intakes of vitamin D are worse than ever and falling.

Calcium and vitamin D throughout life

A lack of calcium and vitamin D can affect health, including bone health, throughout life. Several studies have found links between poor diet, low intakes of calcium and vitamin D, and poor bone health. Higher calcium and vitamin D intakes among teenagers have been linked to higher bone densities in young adulthood. Increasing intake of calcium and vitamin D has also been linked with reduced rate of bone loss in people aged 50 years and over. 

A close up of food, with Product and Yoplait

To help tackle vitamin D and calcium dietary shortfalls in the UK diet, Yoplait, one of the leading yoghurt manufacturers is launching a new yoghurt – Calin+. A rich source of calcium, containing 50% of the RDA, Calin+ contains 100% of the EU RDA for vitamin D (5μg) in just one pot (125g). Calin+ comes in three delicious flavours: strawberry, cherry and vanilla.

Calin+ The Facts

  • Each pot (125g) of Calin+ contains less than 125 kcals and less than 2.3g saturated fat. 
  • Calin+ contains 100% of the RDA for vitamin D (5μg).
  • Calin+ is a rich source of calcium, containing 50% (400mg) of the RDA of 800mg. 
  • Based on levels of nutrients found to be of benefit in studies, it is recommended that one to two 125g pots of Calin+ are eaten daily.
  • Calin+ comes in three different flavours – strawberry, cherry and vanilla.
  • The vitamin D and calcium in Calin+ help to maintain healthy bones, providing an easy and tasty way to get the daily amounts of these nutrients.

A plastic container of food, with Ice and Yoplait

Boo Roo and Tigger Too thoughts…

After working in the NHS for over 10 years I have seen the number of patients being admitted due to fractures following falls increase. With this in mind anything that will help build my aid stronger bones has to be a bonus.
I usually find that food that is good for us tastes… well not good, however Calin+ yoghurts are delicious. I opted for the Strawberry, and was not disappointed. The yoghurt is a slightly thicker consistency complete with small fruit chunks. Knowing that by eating just one pot a day is gaining me 100% of my recommended Vitamin D intake is a good feeling.

A close up of a bowl, with Ice

Available in three flavours strawberry, cherry and vanilla, personally I would love to see a raspberry flavour available.

Price and Availability

RRP £1.99 per 4 pack

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I was sent a voucher in order to purchase a pack of Calin+ for the purpose of this review. 

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