Skincare Tips For Summer

August 6, 2020

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The summer season brings with it innumerable skin problems. The major skin problems in the summer season are sun tanning, excessive oiliness of the skin and increased incidences of rashes and acne.

Most of us always feel the necessity of a summer skincare routine, but hardly follow any of it due to three main problems: – first is laziness. We want to see ourselves as owners of beautiful skin but we are afraid to work too much from it. Secondly, many of us have a very busy schedule throughout the day and hardly get any time for ourselves. The third problem is that we think that skincare will include a lot of ingredients that are very expensive.

In this article, you are going to come across the solution for all these three problems along with an effective remedy for all the summer-related skincare issues. Before I start with the article, I will like to break one primary myth about skincare. Skincare is not at all expensive and every day if you can take out only 5 minutes from your busy schedule, you will not have to do any hard work to get good skin. The factors under focus here are: – daily care and care with ingredients available in your kitchen. So, let us get started.

First, I will suggest a simple daily summer skincare routine that every individual can follow. Then we shall focus on specific remedies for the summer skincare problems.

Remedies for the summer skincare problems

Summer skincare - Woman splashing face with water above bathroom sink
Woman splashing face with water above bathroom sink


The main problem that we face during summers is the excessive oiliness of the skin. The sebaceous glands underneath the dermal layers of the skin become proactive and start secreting excessive sebum. The chemical constitution of sebum is also a good medium for the microbes to proliferate and cause various skin infections, rashes, pimples and acne, which are very common during the summer months.

If we can clean the facial skin at least three times every day, then we can prevent the accumulation of sebum and the onset of infections. If you try to use harsh face wash on your skin, the skin will become clean but it will destroy the pH balance and natural hydration of the skin. But if you use a natural homemade cleanser then your skin will remain clean as well as hydrated.

  1. Take 1 tablespoon of gram flour and add one teaspoon of yoghurt and 5 drops of lemon juice. Mix it well and prepare a pack of thick consistency. Now, apply this all over your face and massage your face exactly for one minute in simple circular motion. Now wash your face with clean water. The gram flour will absorb and remove the excessive oil from the face. The yoghurt will help to remove the sun tan and the citric acid in the lemon juice will lighten the spots on your face.
  2. If you have very sensitive skin then, take one tablespoon of aloe Vera gel (packaged or fresh from the plant) and mix it with the paste of neem and Tulsi leaves. Mix all the ingredients and apply it over your face. Massage for one minute and leave for 3 minutes on your face. Wash with plain water. All the ingredients of this pack have antibacterial properties and thus will effectively clear your skin and render it infection free.


After you clean the face, it is an absolute essential to apply some good toner on your face. The toner will shrink the pores on your skin that were opened due to cleansing. Toner also maintains the pH balance of the skin and keeps the oil secretion under control. Natural homemade toner can be as effective as the packaged toner available in the market. Try put these toners which are extremely effective for the summer season

  • Dry skin – Raw milk is the best toner for dry skin. Along with acting as a toner, raw milk also has lactose which acts as a deep moisturiser for the skin
  • Oily skin – Neem water. Neem water is an antibacterial toner and is extremely beneficial for oily and sensitive skin. It prevents the tendency to develop pimples, acne or rashes on the skin. Neem water can be prepared by simply boiling some neem and Tulsi leaves in the water and then cooling the water.
  • Normal skin – Rose water is the best toner for normal skin. Just boil some rose petals in water and strain the water. Your home-made natural toner is ready. Preserve it in a glass container and store it in the refrigerator. Apply it with cotton pads whenever you need it.


Many people are of the misconception that during the summers, no moisturiser should be applied to the skin. However, you also need to hydrate your skin and maintain the moisturisation level in your summer skincare routine especially during the summer months.

The best homemade moisturiser during this time is aloe Vera gel. You simply take out the gel from a freshly cut aloe Vera leaf and blend it in the mixer grinder. Your fresh Aloe Vera gel is ready. Apply it twice every day on your face after cleansing and toning. For those of you who have extremely dry skin, you can apply some honey all over your face. This will act as a good moisturiser for the summer months


Your summer skincare routine should feature once a week, scrub your skin to exfoliate the dead skin cells which accumulate on your face.

  1. Take some cinnamon powder and add a few drops of lemon juice and honey to it. Gently scrub your skin with it. This scrub will also remove the dark spots from your face
  2. Take some rice powder and add one tablespoon of plain yoghurt to it. Mix effectively and scrub your face gently with this pack.

Problem Oriented strategies

Summer Skincare - Young woman wearing facial cosmetic mask washing face
Young woman wearing facial cosmetic mask washing face

Face masks effective for sun tanning

  1. Make a mixture of yoghurt, tomato juice, lemon juice and honey. Apply it all over your face and let it stay for at least 10 minutes. Wash the face with plain water. Follow this method twice per week
  2. Make some lentil (masoor daal) paste and add the juice of one tomato and one lemon in it. Apply it all over your face and keep it till it dries off completely. Now wash with cold water. Follow this remedy at least three times every week. The lentil helps to remove the sunburn dead skin from the superficial layers of the skin. The lycopene of the tomato and citric acid of the lemon act as natural complexion enhancers
  3. Take one fourth of a potato and one fourth of a cucumber. Blend them in a mixer jar and strain the mixture to obtain the juice. Apply this juice mix all over your face with a cotton ball. Cucumber has astringent properties and potatoes have natural bleaching properties. This mix will act effectively to remove sun tan

Face mask for rashes, acne and pimples

Take some raw turmeric and blend it in a mixer. Add one tablespoon of neem leaves paste to it. Apply this pack all over the face. If you have dry skin, add a few drops of honey to it. This pack will demolish all probabilities of infection from your skin as all the ingredients used are antiseptic in nature

Hope this article was useful to you. Happy summer skincare.

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