Keeping little noses as fresh as the sea air

July 18, 2012

Being a northerner at heart I have to say that I do miss the rolling hills of the countryside, well that is until the summertime. I’m very lucky in that I live 5 minutes walk from the beach (jealous?), in fact if I go to the end of my road you can actually see the sea (am I making you green with envy, or at least a lovely shade of sea green?).

Living so close the beach I try to make the most of it with the children, whether it is collecting seashells, building a sand fortress or paddling along the water’s edge. Whilst this all sounds delightful there is one big downside to visiting the beach… SAND! It gets everywhere, between your toes, in your pants, up your nose! 

There are beach essentials that everyone is aware of…

  • Sun cream is top of that list – for me and my family only SF50 will do; I believe you can never be too protected. I prefer to use a roll-on, available from many high street stores, this allows easy application and coverage. 
  • Sun hat – preferably with a peak and neck coverage. 
  • Towel – A good size beach towel is great for sitting on, however for the children I much prefer a towel poncho. There are various companies selling these. They can be used to get dry, whilst little ones are getting changed or keeping warm if the sea winds start blowing. 
  • Spare clothes – I think every parent will tell you it is important to always have a spare set with you just in case. Try to choose clothes that are light and airy, for both carrying and coolness when wearing. 

Alongside these essentials there are some other bits and pieces that will make your beach adventures that bit easier. Let me share with you my beach survival kit:

  • Stérimar® Baby – 100% natural product that can be throughout the day to help clear little noses of sand, creepy crawlies and anything they have managed to squeeze up there. Also a quick squirt across your face will give you a quick cool down. 
  • Anti-bacterial hand cream – I find that kids prefer using hand cream to the alcohol gels available. I recommend Vaseline’s 2-in-1 hand cream + Anti-Bac
  • Water bottles – to keep hydrated, washing excess sand off, also useful to wash any war wounds. 
  • Wash bag – the cheap drawstring variety, great for storing seashells, stones or wet swimwear/pants.
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I have received a fee for being a Stérimar® Mummy this does not effect my thoughts and feelings on the products.

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