Starting New Hobbies and Learning New Skills in Lockdown

May 18, 2020

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It goes without saying: The COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent quarantine, has fundamentally altered the lives of billions of people. Hundreds of millions across the world are now in a legally enforceable lockdown, keeping us trapped indoors. In many cases, this has led to quite a few people with more time on their hands than they ever dreamed of having.

There is no question that the lockdown has been a massive problem. However, it has come with some rays of hope. It has given many a chance to try to unwind and learn new skills and hobbies.

There are many new skills that you can learn, and skills that you can teach your kids. Indeed, this lockdown is perfect for that. So, what are some examples of hobbies you can learn together?

There are many complaints these days about kids and teenagers not being able to. Thankfully, this is the perfect time to teach your kids life skills. The skills you teach obviously vary depending on the age of the child, it but it may be worth it to show your children:

  • How to balance a chequebook.
  • How to sew a rip or tear in a shirt.
  • The right way to actually clean a surface – or, God forbid, their rooms!
  • How to do the laundry.

Of course, that’s not all. One of the most critical skills that kids don’t know is how to do any sort of repair work on their car. If you have the skills, take this time to show your kids the right way to change a flat tire or their oil. If you really want to get adventurous, teach them other skills, like learning how to install a new speedometer or tachometer in the instrument panel.

Depending on your work or home situation, the middle of quarantine may not be the best time to do heavy-duty teaching. As such, there are a variety of other hobbies you can start, and all from home. Examples include:

  • Bird watching: Getting outside is a medically-recommended way of relaxing and exercising, provided you still maintain appropriate social distance from people. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment – typically just a guide and binoculars.
  • Puzzles: Yes, the old classic. Studies actually show puzzles are great at relieving stress, as they can absorb a person and make them forget about everything except the picture in front of them.
  • Knitting: Knitting can be a wonderfully relaxing and productive hobby. It also has the added bonus of helping someone learn to sew, an incredibly valuable skill.
  • Hiking: Like bird watching, this can be a great way of getting outside, exercising, and exploring new areas. It has a low barrier of entry – all you really need is a good pair of shoes and a map. Again, this can be difficult, depending on the popularity of the trail or area you are hiking.

Starting a new hobby can be hard, but thankfully, the internet is filled with resources that can teach you, even if you are unfamiliar with whatever you are trying to start. You can always use Google, or for visual instructions, try typing in your prospective hobby into YouTube.

This period is, without a doubt, exceptionally difficult. But it is also a rare moment of forced relaxation. Hopefully, none of us will ever get this opportunity again. Use it to your advantage.

  • Rhian Westbury May 19, 2020 at 9:23 am

    Cooking and general housework are good skills to teach the kids as they can then help out with bits around the house. I wish I’d learnt more when I was younger as I was crap when I first moved out x

  • Rachel Craig June 22, 2020 at 8:24 am

    Learning :- Life Long Learning. Opportunities for Learning may have changed due to the lockdown. Particularly due to access to Learning Resources, Learning Opportunities, and also :- Social Distancing.

    Time may make a difference. As lifestyles can be so busy, noisy, many distractions, etc. Peace, Quiet, less distractions may assist / allow for creativity. This may be why for some a home in the countryside is important. The Royal Family, Politicians, Celebrities, etc :- Probably some Artists, etc. This may be an Opportunity for some. But for many living in town or city:- May have found time to contemplate :- Think things over. Some may be considering some lifestyle changes, if that is an available option. Hopefully quieter time may have brought an opportunity for family bonding, perhaps Community Building / Development. Difficulty is for some :- Need for shielding. Easing of lockdown. Hopefully if done gradually will allow us to Stay Safe. Happiness is Important. Learning something new may bring this opportunity. To some extent. Arts and Crafts can be fun. Wondering if some will share just what they have learnt during this time of lockdown. For some of us :- Dealing with it’s impact on us and others :- Not ideal situation for Learning, need Positivity, need to see loved ones :- Not had opportunity of Technology to view them. People need some privacy, as well as social life. Best Wishes to all.

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