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Blogging 101 | 4 Hacks to Increase Blog Traffic For Free

May 19, 2020

There are so many ways to increase blog traffic that your head is probably spinning from reading them all. When it comes to learning how to boost your blog traffic without going broke, the options are endless but which ones will work for you? It’s hard to say which forms of free ways to increase blog traffic will work for everyone, but I’m going to share the top four hacks that will help you find out which option works best to increase blog traffic without going broke.

Quote or Reference Influencers

One of the best hacks to increase blog traffic for free is to find an influencer in your niche. Find a blogger that’s well-known as a reliable source of information pertaining to your topic. Quote something this influencer said within your blog post, along with a link to their blog post you used as a reference. This will help you rank higher, capture the attention of the influencer who may share the blog post to their audience, and so on thus increasing blog traffic for free.

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Update Your Email Signature

Most email providers have a setting where you can change your email signature. This is something that will show at the bottom of every email you send, including a reply to emails. Include your name, blog name, and a link to your blog. Be sure to include your blog URL on all email signatures, letters you send out and envelopes as this is an easy and free way to increase blog traffic without much effort.

Offer Guest Posts

Many bloggers swear by guest posts. As long as you pitch writing for a blog that fits your niche, you know a blog that you can add value to by writing a guest post then you’ll quickly find that offering guests posts with a backlink included in the guest post will help increase traffic for free. Reach out your fellow blogging community and find out who is doing guest post exchanges. A guest post is only as good as the influencer, so try to make this a fabulous resource so that others will allow you to guest post on their blog in the future to help build your backlinks and community connection.

Ping Search Engines

There are many Ping services out there that will help ping your new content to search engines and other sites. Ping O Matic is one as well as Pingler.com. This will notify all search engines that your blog has new content and index it accordingly. Add these two pinging services to your daily to-do list whenever a new blog post is published. This will help you increase your blog traffic for free, with minimal effort.

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There you have it, 4 hacks to increase blog traffic for free. In addition to these hacks I’ve shared today, you can also write SEO titles, content and descriptions to make sure you’re being indexed for the appropriate keywords. Create a to-do list for what to do each time you publish a new blog post and in time you’ll see that your efforts to increase blog traffic for free will work regularly.

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