Why does everyone knit or crochet?

Why does everyone knit or crochet?

October 25, 2023


If you’ve spent enough time online recently, you’ve surely seen that knitting or crocheting is a very popular thing now. Many people have started making their own vests, blankets, bags and accessories by knitting them. But how did such a grandma-associated hobby like knitting get popular overnight and should we all start knitting now? In this article, we found some possible reasons why people love knitting and crocheting and we’re gonna let you in on them.

If you are a fan of knitwear, but you have no patience or time to pick up this hobby, you can check out Keilys for your high-quality knitwear. But if you’re curious about how this hobby went from grandma to cool or you’re looking for reasons to pick it up, read along and get ready to be charmed. 

Reasons why people knit or crochet

Why does everyone knit or crochet?

From old to new

Before we get into the popularization of knitting, let’s take a look at the way it used to be perceived. Before the trends, knitting or crocheting were seen as hobbies that grandmas would enjoy. We all know the famous movie scenes where an old lady is sitting on a rocking chair, knitting. With its popularization on social media, knitting became a hipster and cool hobby that young people are now practising. This huge change in perception has made many people pick up this hobby and we can now associate it with more than just a grandma.

These “coming back” trends are very popular in the fashion industry as well. Whenever a trend makes its way back into modern times, people quickly jump to it, changing the narrative. For example, flared jeans used to be something retro, and unfashionable, that might have been strongly judged a decade ago. But in the past 2-3 years, they made such a comeback that we see them worn in modern stylish outfits. 

Wardrobe personalization

The most common reason why people started knitting is probably the wish for personalized items. Whenever you make something yourself, the satisfaction of wearing it highly increases. By crocheting or knitting your own clothes, you decide everything and you can be your own fashion designer. Exploring your creativity and expressing it through the pieces that you wear is as good a reason to pick up a new hobby. Also, with every compliment you get, you have the chance to say “Thanks, I made it”, and that on its own is a huge realization. 

Why does everyone knit or crochet?


Any hobby that you pick up should bring you relaxation and a space where you can destress. Knitting is perfect for this purpose. It takes a lot of time and patience to knit a piece, so you get your stress-free space to put on a comfort show, get cosy on the couch and knit away after a long day. It doesn’t require physical effort and you can also pay attention to a documentary, podcast or movie you like. It stimulates the brain, encouraging focus, helping with memory and reducing anxiety.

It can also help in social circles such as a waiting room, long train journeys or aeroplanes, as it will give you a comfort space to zone out. So it is a hobby that can help you relax, but make sure you have the patience for it. 

Price tag

Another reason that might get people interested in knitting or crocheting is the fact that crochet and knitwear are very expensive. If you want a high-quality knitted sweater, and you also pay attention to the materials, you’re looking at a pretty high price tag. Making it yourself will take a bit of time, but you’ll save a lot of money by just buying the materials. Sure, it might not be as perfect as the store-bought ones, but it will have a personality, and the money you’re saving will make up for it. This is perfect for gifts as well, personalizing knitwear for someone you love will be cheaper and way more appreciated than just buying the first thing you see. 

Why does everyone knit or crochet?
Knitting wool and knitting needles on wooden table

The trendy hobby

While some people may have picked up knitting way before it was popular, there is a new wave of knitters that just started because it’s a trendy hobby at the moment. If you’re the kind of person who loves trying out new things and you’re looking for new hobbies to test, you may want to hop on the trend.

Knitting or crocheting is the kind of hobby that takes a little practice at the beginning, but you won’t have to go through the learning process for so long that you’ll quit. Once you get the hang of it, it will have high rewards, which is also great if you easily quit on hobbies. After one or two pieces, if you get bored, you at least have something to remember this hobby phase. 

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