Ryan’s Rescue Squad {Nintendo Switch}

Nintendo Switch | Ryan’s Rescue Squad

March 4, 2022

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When Dark Titan kidnaps Ryan’s friends, Ryan must team up with his ‘Ryan’s Rescue Squad‘ and travel across a range of worlds to rescue them. Play as favourites from the Ryan’s World YouTube franchise and traverse across four exciting slime-filled planets, collect as many sun coins and Ryan’s surprise eggs as you can, and defeat a villainous crew of bosses.

Ryan’s Rescue Squad

Ryan’s Rescue Squad {Nintendo Switch}

Ryan’s friends have been kidnapped by evil Dark Titan, Robo Combo, and Packrat – and only you can rescue them!

Set out on a quest across four exciting worlds packed with slime, spaceship-flying bosses, and Ryan’s Surprise Eggs. Launch yourself in Gill’s barrels, eat Moe’s power-up pizza, and even ride on a giant Shelldon. Give your character a unique style with costumes you can buy in the shop. And play fun minigames like Spaceship Flight and The Floor is Lava. It’s an awesome adventure for one or two players.

Can you defeat Dark Titan and his fiendish allies?


Key features

  • CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER – Be Ryan, Combo Panda, Alpha Lexa, or Gus the Gummy Gator
  • TEAM UP – Play together in local 2-player mode.
  • PLAY MINIGAMES – Including Bulls Eye, Spaceship Flight, The Floor is Lava and Fire at will!
  • POWER UP! – Eat Moe’s pizza to become invincible, and more!
  • COLLECT AND CUSTOMISE – Unlock and buy amazing new costumes for your character.

Where can you buy Ryan’s Rescue Squad?

Ryan’s Rescue Squad, a new family-friendly platformer game from YouTube sensation Ryan’s World is available to buy from Amazon and all other good entertainment retailers on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC.

Ryan’s Rescue Squad
Ryan’s Rescue Squad - Minigames

Our thoughts on Ryan’s Rescue Squad

Ryan’s World has been a firm favourite for Piglet for quite some time, having discovered the episodes on YouTube Kids. The new Ryan’s Rescue Squad game has enabled her to step into her favourite characters’ shoes and become a superhero. Playing on her own to get to grips with the controls and the mission/levels, as well as joining forces with Tigger to play co-op as they navigate the levels together. One of the things that I loved was that if one player is lagging behind it will automatically pull them to the leading player. Perfect for younger siblings who may not be as capable of the controls and actions as their older siblings.

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