How To Choose a Right Facing Sectional for Your Space

How To Choose a Right Facing Sectional for Your Space

August 28, 2023

One of the best things about sectionals is the wide range of styles available. You can enhance the look of your favorite room with corner sectionals, longer L-shaped models and sleek sofa chaise designs. Why choose a right facing sectional and how can you find the right style for your home?

Right Facing Sectional Versus Corner Sectional

Right facing sectionals have a chaise on the right side. This layout offers many benefits:

  • Provides exceptional comfort and style
  • Seats three to five people
  • Fits in many homes and apartments without problems
  • Gives you more flexibility for interior design
  • Works for smaller apartments, too

This balanced size works perfectly for individuals, couples and many families. If you love entertaining large groups of friends, a corner sectional may be a better choice.

How To Choose a Right Facing Sectional for Your Space

Take Measurements Before Falling in Love

When you see a high-quality right facing sectional with beautiful leather, it’s impossible not to fall in love. That’s why it’s important to know the measurements you need before getting attached to one style!

Room Size

You have a lot of freedom when it comes to the look of your living room, but for a spacious feel, leave some empty wall space on one or both sides of the sectional. Don’t worry, we have chaise sectionals for small apartments, too.

Door Width and Hallway Layout

Some older homes have small door openings, which can cause headaches for moving new furniture inside. Compare the height of the sectional box against the width of the door. For navigating hallway turns, length matters, too.

Walking Space

A good rule of thumb is to give yourself about three feet (30-36 inches) of walking space around a right facing sectional. Keep about 18 inches between the sectional and your coffee table.


Natural light is important for making rooms look as spacious as possible, so you never want to block windows. If your only option is to place your sectional in front of a window, choose a model with a low-profile backrest.

How To Choose a Right Facing Sectional for Your Space

Stay True To Your Style

Your personality and design vision should play a huge part in your decision-making process. Once you get size factors out of the way, unleash your creative genius and go crazy with design possibilities. How do different right facing sectional materials stack up?


Full-grain Italian leather adds warmth and relaxation to a room. The unique patina only gets richer with time, making the sectional part of your family. Depending on your decor, leather furniture can feel sophisticated, vintage, laidback or rustic.


This super-soft material is luxurious to the extreme. Velvet sectionals feel heavenly and come in vibrant colors. Bold accents are popular with interior designers and art lovers.


High-quality fabrics offer many advantages for families, providing excellent durability, spill resistant and scratch resistance. Neutral tones feel bright and refreshing in living rooms, making fabric sectionals an excellent choice for contemporary, minimalist or country comfort themes.

Find the Ideal Right Facing Sectional

Poly & Bark creates sectionals that have incredible personality using materials of the highest quality. Our full-grain pure-aniline dyed Italian leather is legendary. Discover a right facing sectional that fits your space and your design vision perfectly.

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