How to Mix Multiple Décor Styles into the Home

How to Mix Multiple Decor Styles into the Home

March 8, 2022


When it comes to the home, everyone is going to have their own personal style. From your spouse all the way to your children, they’re each going to have their own personal style and this includes the interior as well. There’s something special about having a home that has multiple decor styles. It lets you know that there are multiple personalities in that home. It lets you know that it’s lived in and real. Plus, homes with multiple interests and styles have layers and each layer has something dynamic and interesting to share.

While it is great to have multiple decor styles from you and your spouse’s home décor taste (such as colours and decorative accents)  but even right down to what your little ones like as well. This can even include their toys, their little play/ study corner, and anything else that accommodates your child in the space. So the big question is, how can you balance out all of these multiple decor styles while making your house look good? How can this all be balanced without having your house look too wild or overdramatic? These are some helpful tips to achieve just that!

How to balance multiple decor styles

How to Mix Multiple Decor Styles into the Home

Start with the colors

If possible, look into using consistent colours in your home. This can include the colour of your walls, the panelling, what’s being hung on your walls, but all the way down to what colour your furniture is. Having a cohesive look through your colours is going to be a step in the right direction for making your home look more put together, even if the interior styles are mish-mashed.

Think of the scale of things in each room

If you have a small living room, you’re not going to overpack it with a big couch, right? Of course, you wouldn’t! That’s going to make your room feel so small. It’s best to not overstuff anything into any of your spaces. It’s also best that you try to keep all of your furniture’s around the same height as this will create some balance. But this should also be said about what is and what’s not home décor. While everyone’s bedroom can be a free-for-all, it’s the shared spaces such as the kitchen, dining room, and living room where more balance needs to be incorporated.

This could mean that your child’s play area in the living room needs to be moved to the bedroom in order to help create much-needed balance. So when it comes to sprucing up your lounge, don’t forget to create some balance.

Let everyone add small touches

As stated above, some spaces need to have more balance. But this doesn’t automatically mean that everyone’s personal touches can only stay in their bedrooms. No! Far from it in fact! Why not let everyone bring in their own touch and their own personality into the shared space. If your spouse loves Kingscale Models, then why not have one of the model trains shown off on the bookshelf in the living room?

If your little one loves to do art, why not have one of their special drawings framed? Does someone at home have a favourite blanket? Then why not add that to the couch? All of these small details can truly add up to be a lot. It’s what helps in making that house into a home, your family’s home.

How to Mix Multiple Decor Styles into the Home

Try to create a mood in each room

What type of mood do you want to create in each space? Regardless of everyone’s personal style at home, everyone is going to agree to have the same mood when it comes to certain spaces. The living room is meant to be a place to kick back and relax. The kitchen is a busy area meant to be a place to eat, and the bathroom is meant to be a place to bathe.

 Since each room has a purpose and mood, why not focus on setting that up with some décor? Since a living room is meant to be a place for relaxation, you can easily use soft textiles and rounded corners to make a relaxing area. Colours can also help achieve this look as colour psychology exists.

Avoid solitary pieces

Why not look into giving each piece of your furniture a little companion? It’s a nice way to balance out everyone’s style in the household but it’s also great for creating that much-needed balance when everyone at home has their own taste. You don’t need to be an interior designer in order to do this!

 So what you do is pick a piece of furniture and let them have a companion, something that goes with it. For instance, your sofa can have throw pillows and a blanket, your table can have a book, your console can have some family photos. Having solitary pieces will make your space look bleak, so having everything nicely paired together will be great for the space.

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