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Improve your family’s comfort with a garden room

March 14, 2022

Whether you are a large family or just have one child, life as a parent is not always easy. The daily schedule can sometimes be overwhelming, with household chores, homework and activities to take the children to, and it can be difficult to take time out for yourself. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, why not install a garden room? This wooden construction is quickly installed and has many uses, which we invite you to discover. An extra room can make a big difference to your family life!

A playroom for the children

It’s a well-known fact that children love to play in every room of the house but are not fans of putting away their games afterwards. A garden room can easily be converted into a playroom, which is an ideal solution for your children to play in a dedicated space without disturbing the other occupants of the house. It is also very practical when it comes to organising their birthdays or inviting their friends over. Check out large garden rooms perfect for this purpose at What’s more, a garden room offers direct access to the outdoors, allowing them to have even more varied play experiences!

Improve your family's comfort with a garden room

A laundry room

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a room dedicated to laundry. A garden room, if you connect it to water and electricity can become a laundry room, there are small garden rooms of a few square meters perfect for that. We know that it is almost impossible to go a day without doing laundry when you have children and it is not very convenient to have the laundry drying in the living room and the laundry to be put away in another room. A garden room used as a laundry room will take the clutter out of your home and allow you to be more organised.

A room just for you

Between family life and professional life, it can be difficult to take time for yourself. At home, the call of household chores and the desire to spend time with your children often take over. But taking time for yourself is essential. If you feel good, relaxed and rested, it will also be more pleasant for your loved ones. A garden room can be easily converted into a cozy space where you can read, rest and daydream in a space that is all your own. If you like yoga and meditation, transform your garden room into a Zen space. Decorate your garden room according to your tastes to create a space that reflects you and in which you feel good.

Improve your family's comfort with a garden room - Garden gym

A studio

Garden rooms can be transformed into fully-fledged homes with all the necessary comforts. This can be an ideal solution to help your teenager or young adult gain independence. When your child leaves home, you can rent the studio to a student, holidaymakers or an elderly person. 

The above ideas are not exhaustive, garden rooms are versatile, you can set them up and furnish them to meet all your family’s needs and expectations.

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