REVIEW: Bake Your Own Cupcake Shrinking Craft

July 31, 2013
A cake sitting on top of a table
Can you remember trying to shrink crisp packets in the oven when you were younger? Well Great Gizmos have a fabulous new shrinking craft kit available, Bake Your Own Cupcakes Shrinking Craft.

Kit contents:

  • Cupcake jewellery stand
  • 20 pre-cut cupcake-shaped magic shrinking sheets
  • 4 coloured pencils
  • 1 graphic template (dollies and stand topper)
  • 2 bead charms
  • 4 earring hoops
  • Jump rings
  • String
  • Coloured beads
  • Instructions
The box contains all you need to make 20 cupcakes which can then be used for keyrings, earrings, bracelets or even necklaces. The simply straightforward instructions guide you through the how to process.

Step 1 – Select your cupcake

Step 2 – Colour in your chosen cupcake on the rough side (one side is smooth, the other is rough)

A close up of a piece of paper
Step 3 – Place your coloured cupcakes onto a baking sheet lined  with either aluminium foil or baking paper, ensure you leave 2cm between each cupcake

Step 4 – Place the tray into a preheated oven (160C/325F)

Step 5 – Watch the cupcakes shrink before your eyes, they will curl up at first but will flatten out again. This should take approx 1 minute

Step 6 – Make sure you have allowed an extra 30 seconds ‘cooking time’ before removing from the oven

Cupcake and Craft
Step 7 – Attach the jump rings to your shrunk cupcakes, this is a little fiddly so you may need to do this instead of the children

Step 8 – Decide how you would like to use your chosen cupcake, earrings? keyring? bracelet? necklace?

Step 9 – Set up your jewellery stand complete with paper dollies and cupcake topper to showcase your shrinking craft cupcakes

A cake made to look like a face

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

Roo really enjoyed selecting her preferred cupcake and colouring them in. Whilst she didn’t find the four colours included inspiring so used some of her own colouring pencils to get a variety of colours.

I really do love this craft, it is so very simple to do and it is something that little ones can be do on their own, only needing your help to ‘cook’ the cupcakes and add jump rings. I would have liked them to include a couple of keyrings in the set to enable them to be given as little gifts to grandparents etc.

Priced at around £10 this would make a great gift for Roo’s friends on their birthdays or to find under the Christmas tree.
Boo xxx

Disclosure Policy: We received a Bake Your Own Cupcake Shrinking Craft FOC for the purpose of review.

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