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Planning days out and activities with the Hoop App

June 27, 2017

Having three children can be a challenge and I for one am always on the lookout for interesting and fun things to do which will keep them entertained for longer and also give them the opportunity to run about (and burn off some energy). The Hoop app is one of those great apps that I can use to plan a day out for my mini monsters which I know will suit their mood and personality. One of the best things about Hoop is that great go to app which I can tap into on a regular basis knowing that it will always be up to date and brimming with events and activities, to suit my budget, my kids, and my location.

Planning days out and activities with the Hoop App

Parent and Planning

Hoop Activities and Events

The Hoop app is fun, fast, and easy to use. With over 35,000 events and activities for kids nationwide every month, it’s easy to see why I’m telling my friends and family about it! Especially as every 1 activity in 5 is absolutely free which is great for anyone who wants to take a lot of kids out on a family day out and needs to keep to a budget. I love the variety of activities I can find in my local area which has introduced me to so many different events and venues that I wouldn’t have known about before!

Using the Hoop App at home or on holiday

I also love the fact that I can use the app on holiday when I’m in an area I don’t know. It means I have local knowledge about all the best activities and can home in on hobbies and activities that interest me and my kids. My kids love using it too because they get the chance to pick and have a choice in what they want to do. I love to see their faces when I take them somewhere new as a surprise and a day trip with one activity turns into an adventure trail with a couple of activities built-in. We can go to baby raves, festivals and musical workshops which are great to get all the family involved.

About Hoop

  • Hoop is a free app that helps families discover things to do locally and is aimed at parents with children aged 0-11 years.
  • Available on iOS and Android, Hoop lists over 35,000 family friendly events and activities per month, from kid’s comedy classes and art workshops to coding classes and family raves – one in five activities listed on Hoop are completely free.
  • Hoop was set up in 2015 by a group of dads who wanted a faster, easier way to find the best of what’s on for children in their local area – much of which had previously gone under the radar.
  • Since creating Hoop they are now on a mission to help parents spend less time planning and more time having fun with their children.
  • Available nationwide, Hoop is now being used by more than 370,000 UK families and by one in eight London parents.
  • Hoop was picked by Apple as one of its 10 best apps of 2016 and is rated 4.5 stars in the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play Store.

Who knows you might even discover a few hidden talents which your kids or even you never knew that you had! With so much to choose from I wonder how I ever managed without Hoop before to keep my little army entertained.

Once I tried Hoop, I was hooked! It gives me loads of options to explore, so I always make sure I get out and explore wherever I am with Hoop!

Learn more at hoop.co.uk

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