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Renewed Energies, Mansfield Park, and Daddy’s Scarf #LittleLoves

January 19, 2018

I attacked this week armed with a to-do list and a calendar of school events, shopping trips and car repairs that needed to be completed. Finally, I feel as though I’m back to work mode. Making an effort to utilise my renewed energies and enthusiasm to clear the backlog of tasks.

This week has not been plain sailing though. It has tested me in ways I’d rather wish it hadn’t. And I’ve already muttered the words ‘it is February yet?’ on more than one occasion. Alas, these things are sent to try us and try me they have.

This week’s #LittleLoves…


My high hopes for making this the year I return to my previous state as a bookworm has up to this point failed. My reading list of books has remained just that a list, with nothing crossed off. I have managed to catch up on some long overdue blog reading which has been lovely to see what everyone is up to and their plans for this year.


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Whenever I have a bad day my comfort is to turn to a period drama. Taking me back in time to when things seemed a little less complicated. Over Christmas, I recorded Mansfield Park, one of Jane Austen’s classic novels (although it thought to be the one that fans like the least). It was one that I vaguely remember watching a few years ago but it was lovely to refresh myself with the life of Fanny Price.


Moans and groans. Grumping and grumblings. Unfortunately, it seems that anyone and everyone has grumbled about something this week. Including an altercation with my neighbour over parking issues – when did we stop being considerate of others?


Not sure this counts but I’ve made an effort to reduce my inbox. Answering long overdue emails, declining offers that are either not appropriate or ones that I don’t feel I can offer value to. As well as ticking things off my to-do list. For the first time in a long time, my inbox is currently all on one page and I’m determined to keep it this way.


The weather has been truly awful this week. From thick fog, downpours and high winds. Not to mention the bitter cold. Having been on the lookout for a new scarf for Tigger, I found one staring me in the face this week. Mr. Boo never wears a scarf (crazy I know), yet has one hanging on his coat peg – so this has been passed down to the generation and Tigger is loving snuggling into Daddy’s scarf.


It might only be three weeks into the New Year, but it has already taught me some valuable lessons. Life is a learning curve and anyone who thinks that they have nothing left to learn is a fool.

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