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A Bad Day, Cars 3 and Wizarding Wardrobes #LittleLoves

July 14, 2017

I’m really quite pleased that it is Friday. I’m having a bad day. No particular reason, just lots of little things which are leading me to believe that today is not my day. There are days like that every now and again that just don’t seem to go right from the moment you woke up. At least I have the weekend to look forward to and then just one more week of school runs to contend with.


Tigger came home from school earlier this week and announced that they are reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in class. I can remember reading this at primary school in class too so it made my heart melt. So we decided to borrow Roo’s copy of the book to reread the book at home – we’ve just reached the section where Charlie is the only child left.


Somehow it always works out that I manage to get days with Roo or Piglet on their own, but very rarely do I get one on one time with Tigger. Especially when it comes to seeing something that he wants to see at the cinema as he opts to take Daddy along with him. Last weekend, however, I managed to steal him away from Daddy and the girls and headed to Vue Westfield to see the Gala Screening of Disney Pixar Cars 3. He loved the previous two films so I was worried that this latest installment might not live up to the ones before – nope, it was fantastic and both Tigger and I were laughing throughout the film.

A close up of a car


Spotify has been my source of comfort this week. With a random selection of albums and artists played, however, I do keep going back to the Revision Ballards playlist as it is great to play in the background plus has some fantastic songs.


I’m still on a mission for clearing things out this week. With Piglet’s baby clothes the source of my efforts. It is so lovely to look back through the different things she has worn in the past but impossible to hang on to them all. They have been washed and hung up ready for us to complete a carboot sale so that the next little girl can make use of them.


The unpredictable weather is still here but we have managed a few glorious days. Piglet is making full use of her summer wardrobe with cute t-shirts and shorts from Mothercare. They are part of a set of three and they are so comfortable and easy for her to wear whilst she is busy exploring on her Little Tikes Trike.

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Our love of Harry Potter is well known so you can imagine our delight at attending the preview for the Wizarding Wardrobes event that is being held at Warner Bros. Studio Tours London this summer. Whether you are a die hard fan like us or just enjoy the magic of the storyline then I suggest visiting. The designers, artists, and dressmakers made over 25,000 costumes across the films – each one with the same love and attention as the first one.

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  • Sabina Green July 14, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    So jealous that you got to go to the Wizarding Wardrobes, we have only been to Warner Bros Studios once. We really loved it but Albie was a baby so I had to keep disappearing to feed and change him. Really hoping to go back as things will have changed loads since we were last there.

  • Jade July 16, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    Your outing to see Cars 3 & also the Harry Potter event sound great. I hope your day improved, and that you’ve been having a lovely weekend.

  • Morgana July 18, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    Gah. So jealous that you’re attending that event!! It sounds fantastic and if we get down south at all this summer I must try and take my eldest.
    Have a great week xx

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