A little girl sitting on a wooden bench

Income Reports, Trainwreck and Siblings #LittleLoves

August 19, 2017

All of my babies are home! They’ve had a lovely time with Granny and have come home full of stories about their adventures. It is lovely to have Roo and Tigger home though, Piglet especially has missed them. I wish I had filmed her reaction when she woke up on Monday morning to find them home.


I’ve been reading a few bloggers income reports and posts about how they make money. I’m in two minds about these types of posts. Part of me likes the transparency of it all and is fascinating to read. However, the other part of me finds it a little crass to be discussing money – I don’t even know how much my family and friends earn.


Netflix has been my friend this week whilst I have been completing some of my to-do lists. With Sleepless in Seattle taking me down memory lane and falling in love with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan all over again. Before moving onto Trainwreck featuring the amazing Amy Schumer – although I may never look at John Cena the same way again.


Lots and lots of raindrops bouncing on our patio table. The rain seems to appear as soon as I put the washing on the washing line this week. Coming in waves through the days, just long enough to fool me into thinking it was safe to hang the washing back out or venture into the garden.


We managed to do a little bit of baking this week with some yummy chocolate chip and orange muffins saving the day after a bit of a disaster.

A little boy playing with a toy


One of our afternoon trips we popped over to one of the local parks. Piglet was rocking her new Blade & Rose Butterfly summer set. It’s so soft and stretchy that it’s perfect for an active toddler.


I always look through my Instagram feed with a touch of green-eyed monster when I see all the beautiful photos of siblings all looking at the camera that the same time. Well, this week I actually managed to get a snapshot of all three children looking at the camera whilst we were out on a woodland walk.

A little girl sitting on a wooden bench

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  • Debbie August 21, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    I’m the same with income reports- absolutely intriguing but I don’t do anything different off the back of them- so I do wonder, because oddly they publish my directors wages, and I think “yes, they work hard enough for that” and move on.
    But onto brighter things- I am LOVING the photo of your three- I can’t believe how “the same but different” they are, they are soooo your children. And you really do get my loudest applause- please do tell me there was some form of bribery used. Three children, one camera lens – it’s like witchcraft 😉
    Hope you manage to get a few more before the holidays are out.

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