4 Tips for Supporting a Reading and Writing Learner

4 Tips for Supporting a Reading and Writing Learner

September 23, 2021

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Everybody learns differently. Or, at least, that’s the theory put forward in the VARK model – a theory gaining traction with several education experts.

According to the VARK model, you can categorize learners by their preferred mode of learning. Auditory learners receive information best when they hear a lecture or talk through a problem-solving exercise. Visual learners gravitate toward images – they like to visualize concepts in their heads and see things illustrated in front of them.

Then, there are reading and writing learners. As you might guess, this type of learner is all about the written word. If they see a history lesson or math problem, they prefer to read about it.

They also tend to place an essay order online and get help from academic writing professionals when they face writer’s block. This allows them to learn by example and grasp a certain topic better. If they need to express their creativity or work through a personal issue, they might write poetry or log journal entries.

In this post, let’s zero in on reading and writing learners. Here are four tips parents can follow to support and encourage their word-loving learners. 

Teach Effective Note-Taking Skills

Essentially, notes are the written shorthand of lectures and lessons. They are mnemonic devices that help learners recall information after the fact. And for reading and writing learners, notes are the bread and butter of academic learning. 

Teach your learner how to take effective notes. If you’re unsure yourself how to take good notes (for many parents, it’s been a while!), consult this helpful article from the University of North Carolina. In it, they discuss best practices for writing, structuring and embellishing school notes. 

4 Tips for Supporting a Reading and Writing Learner

Advance Their Studies Online English Courses

Online courses are a great way to get learners of all types interested in their studies since they marry visual and auditory elements with reading and writing. Plus, because they are self-paced with flexible enrollment times, your learner can get ahead in courses without waiting for a new year or semester to start. 

Reading and writing learners might consider working ahead to grade 12 English – even if they are only in grade 11 or 10. Just be sure to find an accredited online school that offers credits toward a high school diploma. 

Introduce Them to Online Writing Communities

There has perhaps been no invention more beneficial to the reading/writing learner than the internet. It contains a far-reaching labyrinth of communities and sites dedicated entirely to the written word. 

If you have a budding playwright, thespian or novelist in your house, introduce them to online writing communities. These communities share work with one another and offer feedback and encouragement. Here is a list of online writing communities geared toward teens

Make Library Trips Part of the Family Routine

One way to make reading a whole family ritual is to visit the library routinely. The library is a fantastic resource for budding reading/writing learners, containing a pirate’s ransom in written material on everything from teenage vampires to Chinese American foodways. 

Set aside time each week to visit the library. Maybe you make Sunday morning library time. Or visit every week on Tuesday evening after taco Tuesday. Reading and writing learners need their skills and preferences nourished. Enrol in an online English course, frequent the local library, hit the internet for a like-minded community and learn how to take effective notes. Oh, and if you want to pitch any of these ideas to them, consider writing them in a note!

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