How to Teach Children to be Successful writers

Best Techniques Children Should Adopt To Become Successful writers

April 28, 2021

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The rise of the internet has led many people to question the need to learn handwriting n schools. However, despite huge advances in digital technology, there are still many opportunities when people need to be able to write the old-fashioned way. 

Of course, writing is about more than being able to use a pen on paper. Understanding the basics of writing make it possible for every child to create articles, reports, stories, and other items. This is true regardless of whether the writing is created on a computer or paper.

Fortunately, children can learn the skills they need when they are young and become successful writers.

Start With Drawing

When your child is very young they are likely to be interested in drawing. You should encourage this as putting pen to paper will inspire the creative side of their mind.

Once they have drawn something encourage them to tell you the story behind the picture. This will help to prepare them for the future when they need to adopt the right writing process. 

How to Teach Children to be Successful writers


One of the best ways for you and your early child care facility to ensure your child develops great writing skills is for them to start young and practice regularly. This is the most efficient way of building writing skills.

By starting young children will find it easier to understand grammar and how sentences are formed. This will make it much easier for them to create articulate and even formulate their own opinions.


As children start to understand grammar their new knowledge can be reinforced by reading. This gives them the opportunity to see what they are learning being used in practice, reinforcing the learning process. 

Reading also expands their vocabulary, making it much easier for children to articulate. After all, it is always easier to create a sentence if you know an abundance of words that can be included. 

Write Notes To Each Other

The secret to successful learning at any age is to keep it fun. By writing little notes to your child and encouraging them to write notes back, you will stimulate their writing skill and their knowledge of words.

This can be a fun activity that helps to create a special bond between parent and child. But, at the same time, it will help them to become successful writers. 

You can use paper, a message board in one room, or even magnetic letters on the refrigerator. The technique doesn’t matter, it’s the end result you are after.


Don’t forget that learning any skill takes time, especially one as complicated as writing. The key is to be patient and not to give up. You know your child best, that means you will know when they can do a little more and when you should leave it for now.

Taking a break is fine, a little every day is more effective than trying to get your child to learn writing skills overnight. In addition, being patient helps to encourage the same trait in your child and patience is a useful skill, not just in writing but in everyday life.

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