3 Ways to Display Your Photos Without a Frame

3 Ways to Display Your Photos Without a Frame

September 23, 2021

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Thanks to technological advancements, taking photographs and capturing those special moments has never been easier. With smartphones now having some of the best quality cameras on the market, no matter where we are or what we are doing, we can take a picture of it. 

Display your photos without a frame

Of course, this means that we have a lot more photographs, and need to think of more creative ways to display them. While traditionally you could simply show off your favourite photos by putting them in a frame, there are many more creative ways you can go about it. So, we have put together these 3 ways that you can display your photos without a frame. They will not only make for a great addition to the decor of your home but offer a more creative way to showcase your photos. 

Get your photos printed

Whereas traditionally photos would generally be kept in photo frames around the house. There is now a range of different ways that you can store, print, and display your favourite photos that are becoming increasingly popular. 

For example, from photo books to canvases, and even photo gifts, by using photo printing services, it has never been so easy to print off the photographs you need. Whether you want to turn a picture of your children into a poster to feature on the wall in your living room or create the perfect gift for a family member, Snappy Snaps has a range of ways that you can display your photos- with no frame in sight! 

3 Ways to Display Your Photos Without a Frame

Light up your prints 

If you are looking to make some changes and improvements to your home’s aesthetic then we recommend you start by updating your lighting. Many people underestimate just how much of an impact the lighting in your home affects the atmosphere and how it can be used in different ways to create the perfect environment. Plus you can also use lighting when displaying your photos.

For example, if you are looking to showcase some new photographs then why not utilise some string lights. Everyone knows that string lights make every room better, and they are even more effective when you use them to light up your favourite places and people. Many string lights now have clips attached to them so that you can easily string them up wherever you think looks good in your home. 

Remember that you can use string lights for your photos in any way you want, from small prints to even hanging them diagonally. There are lots of different options for you to choose from. 

3 Ways to Display Your Photos Without a Frame

Create a memory wall collage 

You may find times when displaying one picture is just not enough which is why memory wall collages have become increasingly popular. They are a great way to create a cosy and warm environment in your room while also displaying your favourite photos. 

The great thing about creating your own memory wall collage is that you can create it in any way that you want. Whether you prefer to keep your collection of photographs compact in one corner of the room, or you want to go all out and create a huge collage as a wall feature, it is totally up to you. 

There is no limit to the different ways you can display your photographs. So don’t be afraid to embrace your inner creativity and think outside of the frame when it comes to displaying your photographs.

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