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Blogging 10 | Why Every Teenager Needs to Start a blog

November 10, 2020

Parents of socially awkward teenagers who perhaps don’t ‘fit in’ at their school have found that blogging helps their teen. There are many benefits for encouraging your teenager needs to start a blog, one of which is that it helps give your teen a sense of connection with like-minded people, and the other is that it can help your teenager with their mental health issues.

Whether you’ve already said no to your teen about starting a blog or you’re on the fence, we hope that this list of reasons why every teenager needs to start blogging will inspire you to rethink the decision as to whether or not your teen should start a blog.

Why Every Teenager Needs to Start Blogging

teenager needs to start a blog

Gives Teens Something to Do

The first reason why every teenager needs to start a blog is that it gives them something to do. Having a blog can give your bored teen something productive and positive to do. Blogging can help your teen reach people who think like them, and share stories to inspire other teenagers to do better with their lives.

While this may not hold true for every teenager, many parents have found that allowing their teen to start a blog has given them an outlet to say what they think and feel. Many teens lash out and rebel during the adolescent years, but having a blog to maintain can help give them a purpose thus deterring them from making disastrous decisions.

Boosts Self-Esteem

In a world where everything is fast-paced and teens are expected to do more work and tests than ever before just to be a ‘number’ on a standardized test, teenagers can feel insignificant. When you allow your teenager to start a blog it can help them feel more significant and in turn, boost their self-esteem. A blog is a place to write your thoughts, feelings, and views about life and this can help your teen find their place in the world during a time when they’re struggling to see where they fit in.

As your teenager continues to blog and write about their life or views around certain topics they’ll find that people will start to engage. The more your teen sees these nice comments and engagement from people listening to them, the higher their self-esteem goes.

Be a Part of the Real World

The teen years are a time when your child is starting to spread their wings, getting a job, and starting to think about their future. Having a blog is one outlet that will help your teen feel as if they’re part of the real world. Whether they blog about the daily life of a teenager, mental health issues, or any other subject that they’re passionate about, they’re becoming a part of the real world. Being a part of the real world will help your teen figure out where they fit in and start earning revenue at an early age.

You’ll find that many teenagers want to make quick cash and get out there to be a part of the real world. They’re in a rush to get away and be on their own, but few realise the financial impacts of this desire. Allowing your teenager to start a blog and build up an audience can help them start earning cash sooner and in turn, create financial stability with a stream of residual income. This will help your teen get a taste of what the real world is all about, and develop a niche that helps them succeed in the long term.

Many parents who haven’t started a blog on their own may feel nervous about allowing their teen to be this active on the internet, but the reality is that blogging has become a huge stream of revenue for people all around the world. By allowing your teenager to start a blog you’re saying yes to giving them the freedom to start becoming individuals while boosting self-esteem and finding out more about how the real world works all the while staying safe under your roof at home.

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