Tips for Raising Happy and Healthy Children

August 29, 2019

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Raising children comes with its fair share of impressive moments, such as your child taking his or her first step, and some not-so-impressive moments, like using crayons to scribble on your white living room walls. But in the end, as a parent, your main goals include keeping your child safe, hearing them giggle, and watching them grow up to be prospering adults. Here are some tips for raising happy and healthy children in this day and age. 

Instil Good Eating Habits

Right out of the gate, as your child begins to eat solid food you’ll have to combat the yucky phase. Granted, even adults don’t like everything, but despising each and every vegetable known to man has to be dealt with. By hook or sneaky cook, you should try and get your kids to at least give veggies a fair shake. And if the traditional methods aren’t working, maybe try slipping some vegetables into a healthy smoothie to change their minds. 

At times, it might be the presentation or the preparation of the veggies in question that could be unappealing. Other times it might just be that the vegetable is not for them and that’s fine, as long as their list doesn’t include everything in Mr McGregor’s Garden. 

Try mixing things up a bit. Maybe apply a roasting method to broccoli with other hearty vegetables and olive oil if you previously streamed it. Experiment and see what you can do to get your kids to get their nutritious veggies. And if you still need some help getting them to eat their vegetables after trying smoothies, these kid-friendly recipes might help your cause. 

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Support Their Passions

One important aspect of growing up is support. A parent’s support means the world to a child and knowing that their parents have their back when pursuing a dream or passion can make a serious difference. 

That includes being there for their recitals or ballet performances and allowing them to further explore potential job avenues even though they might conflict with your dreams for them. For example, if your child wants to go into the law field, providing them with the opportunity to have one-on-one time with an LSAT tutor, can give them the advantage they need to secure a position in a top school. 

Or, maybe law school isn’t their thing and they have a passion for cooking instead. In that case, be sure to let them spend plenty of time in the kitchen at home so they become comfortable with the daily duties of being a cook. As with most things, repetition allows you to become better and more confident — and confidence is a good thing to have. 

Instilling Confidence in Your Children

Confidence is a tricky thing and it can be difficult waters to manage when it comes to kids. Each person has their reasons for having it or lacking it, so be aware of what side of the proverbial fence your child is on. Raising confident kids isn’t easy, but the rewards are amazing. 

It’s easy to want to help your kids in everyday life and keep them safe, but there comes a point when you’re going to have to loosen up and let them make decisions for themselves. Kids have to be able to try before they decide it’s too difficult or even worse, you decide that it’s too hard for them. Support them and let them know it’s okay to fail as long as they try. They will learn to grow from there and become more confident as they overcome difficult situations. 

Love Them, Unconditionally

Providing your child with love does not include buying them the newest video game or makeup kit they have been pestering you about. No, it is showing them genuine love. Being there for them when times get rough shows you care. Giving them the support they need throughout their lives shows them how much you love them. There isn’t a thing in the world that matters more to a kid than knowing that their mother and father love them with all of their hearts. So let them know because they are worth it.

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