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Dealing with Mental Health Issues of Kids And Young Adults

September 1, 2020

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Mental health issues are a crucial aspect that is massively ignored by society. Until recent times with the advent of social media people are being more open about their traumas and issues. More people are coming out with their issues of mental trauma depression and others. Prioritising mental health is as important as physical health.

Parents need to be aware of how to handle the mental health issues that their kids and young adult children may face now or in the future. This is a very crucial aspect of parenting and demands attention.

Mental health issues of kids and young adults

Be affectionate

The key requirement of any relationship is affection. Be it a parental one or a friendship. The basic need of any bond is a lot of affection and empathy. In order to be a parent that encourages positivity, it’s important not to compare their kids with others’ achievements and performances. This is a huge degrading factor of mental health.

When a kid is suffering from such an inferiority complex a parent must make their kid believe in themselves. They must make the child understand that we are the best in the way we are. Also, everyone has their own pace of growth. Parents must make sure that harsh throat cut competition must not bog down the spirits of the lovely kids.

Be a good listener

Parents must realise that their kids will first resort to them in case of any difficulties. When a child in their teens or as a young adult comes to a parent with their problems and issues they must lend a patient ear. They must listen to them and give them the necessary support. Often due to the lack of this parental support kids take drastic steps that are detrimental to their future. This ruins their youth as well as their adult lives. Being a good listener is a prime factor in dealing with the mental health issues of kids. When a depressed or traumatised child is seeking the help of their parents they must be kind and listen intently.

Go for therapy

When a parent knows that their child is in a serious mental health condition they must seek good therapy. This is the first and foremost step in tackling a mental health distress situation. So the parents must go for a good psychologist not try to self counsel. This might add to the issue and prove to be detrimental. This should never be done. P

roper guidance and professional counselling at the right time will surely help the distressed child to solve those emotional tangles. The most vital factor here is, stand beside your child when he or she is in therapy. This will boost their self-confidence. If your child is shy or fearful of leaving home is part of the issue, online therapy is an amazing resource and should be considered as an option for your child.

Mental health issues of kids and young adults

Do not be judgemental

Being a non-judgemental individual is the first step in tackling severe or mild mental distress of the kids. One must be empathetic towards the situation of the kid and let him or her be at comfort while they are sharing their situation with their parents. This is a crucial thing that one must keep in mind while handling these kinds of issues.

Be a friendly parent

One of the main keys to solving all kinds of issues that result in a drift between kids and their parents is their emotional distance. Being a friendly parent is what is needed to tackle situations of distress.

We live in a fast-paced digitised world where we have no time to acknowledge the emotions and thoughts of our kids and even the ones around us. So this gives rise to severe mental health issues. This should be dealt with in a smart manner especially when it comes to children and growing young adults.

There’s currently a national shortage of foster carers in the UK. Sadly, more children are coming into foster care than there are foster families to look after them. People with patience and an interest in children’s mental health could make fantastic foster parents. Have you considered fostering? You can read more here about becoming a foster carer. 

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