Are Private Plates a Good Investment?

August 29, 2019

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Private number plates have been a great investment for years. Back in the 1900s when private plates were first issued in the UK, you could have found the investment to be well worth it, but now in modern times, the private number plates are more valuable than ever. CarReg offers private number plates as investments for the person out there seeking to get involved with this wise investment opportunity.

You’ll find that private number plates have grown in tremendous value from the first day they were available in the UK. Whether you’re looking to invest in a private number plate for yourself or a loved one as a gift, today I’ll dig deeper into the topic to help show you why now is the time to invest in private number plates.

Where do I find private number plates for investment?

CarReg has a database full of private number plates for sale. You can even find “super plates” that are 2 and 3 digit private plates in the UK for sale. These super plates are hard to come by and may cost a little more but the investment will pay off as the value of these private plates increase over the years.

3 Tips To Buying Private Number Plates

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Consider your Budget

It may be a little exciting as you search CarReg for private number plates to invest in. You’ll see an extensive list of options at a wide range of prices. Before you venture into the arena of investing in private number plates, you’ll want to review your budget. Evaluate your current household expenses versus income to determine what you can set aside for this investment opportunity. Keep in mind that your investment will not make immediate money, private plates are a long term investment opportunity.

Consider the Fees Involved

Remember that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency does charge an extra fee for private number plates. You’ll want to review what fees are involved with the purchase of private plates from CarReg before you find that that perfect private number plate to invest in. While the fee is usually standard and is meant to register a specific private number plate to a vehicle, it can be quite expensive for a person who is living on a small budget.

Do your Research

Last, but not least, when it comes to investing in private number plates you’ll want to heavily research the topic. CarReg does provide a lot of answers to your questions with this investment opportunity but you’ll want to research even further. Research is always necessary when it comes to funding any new investment in your life. Many people sit on their private plates as a means to make money in the future or perhaps leave behind a valuable asset to their next of kin.

If you’re confident that you’re ready to invest in private plates, then check out CarReg as they offer private number plates as investments so they’ll be able to guide you forward in making an educated investment today.

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