Emotional Lessons From The Movie Inside Out

April 8, 2020

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Inside Out is a family movie that makes kids and adults start thinking deeper about how they feel and respond to certain situations. Throughout this film, there are references to emotions and kids get to enjoy learning more about anger, joy, sadness, and other emotions as they follow the journey of the Inside Out team. 

If you haven’t seen this film, have no fear, I’m not offering up any spoilers. Instead, I’m sharing some of the emotional lessons you’ll learn from the movie Inside Out to help inspire you to go rent it or purchase this film today. 

Crying Can Slow You Down

Sadness is one of the main characters or emotions in this film and she tells Joy that crying helps her slow down and obsess about the weight of life’s problems. This concept of showing how sadness is an important emotion can help you learn to be more comfortable about crying. Grief comes in many forms and while some of us have built up a protective barrier to not cry, the reality is that crying can slow you down. Sadness gives you time to process the reality of your current situation as you slow down, let the tears flow and then slowly move forward. 

Every Emotion Has a Job

During the film, you’ll see many emotions working together to try to make sure the main character, Riley, is safe and healthy. Sometimes you’ll see that anger takes control and then other ties fear takes the wheel, while you’ll notice Joy thinks that the Riley should always be happy, we learn that each of our emotions has a job. Knowing when fear is healthy, anger is necessary and how sadness can help us is key to building emotional intelligence as an adult and kid. 

Feelings Can Protect You

When something happens in the film that makes us believe that everything is falling apart, we suddenly see a turn of events. Inside Out teaches us that life will go on no matter how we feel at the moment. There will always be something inside of us that starts to work when times get tough. This something is our emotions, sometimes it will be fear that saves us and other times it may be joy, or anger or sadness. Either way, we learn that feelings can protect us. 

Watch the trailer

Inside Out is an adorable movie that’s full of emotional lessons that people of all ages will appreciate. It’s a simple film that brings to life the emotions of human beings in a light-hearted, fun and creative way. 

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    with the current climate i think its super important for kids t be aware of their emotions and feelings

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    I think this is a great conversation starter with children, and a way to discuss their feelings as they experience them too. While also being a great film

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    Love this film. Tbh I think I like it more than the kids do x

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    My children would love this and would he great for helping children understand and communicate their feeling

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    This is a great film i love it as the children do too but it is always a good way to talk about emotions to children as well

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    What a brave and interesting way to teach little ones about emotions.

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    Smelly Wellies has to be fun with that name!

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    The film is great and teaches kids about important issues. Whats not to like?

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