How to Avoid Homecoming Blues

August 28, 2019

It’s not uncommon to feel blue after you come home from a fabulous trip overseas. If, say, you’re back from a trip to South Africa, it’s a little disheartening to wake up, look out of your bedroom window, and see a typical suburban scene rather than the towering Table Mountains.

You’ve gotten used to waking up in South Africa and can still feel the refreshing morning air on your skin, still, envision that monumental flat mountain that you used to see as soon as you opened the drapes of your hotel window. You can still remember your trip on the cable car towards the top of Table Mountain and recall the thrill of seeing Cape Town below you surrounded by the cerulean blue Atlantic Ocean kissing its golden beaches. 

Reentering Earth’s Atmosphere  

After riding your rocket around the moon and watching all the stars swirl around you, it’s not easy to reenter the earth’s atmosphere and face all your home planet’s teeming problems once again. 

Similarly, while it’s always nice to be back home, surrounded by familiar things and beloved pets, friends, and favourite places to go, it’s not as thrilling as waking up in a novel environment. It’s hard to be your usual cheerful self when you’ve left a fascinating word behind you. Now it’s just a memory, one that will fade over time, getting more blurred every passing year. 

You may even feel a little like Cinderella after the ball. Her magic carriage returned to a pumpkin and her four fabulous horses just became mice again. It’s tough to take off your dancing shoes after you’ve just had the time of your life. 

Treat Yourself to Something Special 

Think of something that you’ve been wanting to do but held yourself back from doing. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to develop an exquisite sense of taste for wine. Well, now’s the best time to get a wine club membership. Or perhaps, you’ve always wanted to upgrade your phone to the latest model to benefit from the latest new features, but you’ve held back because you’ve paid off all the instalments on your current phone. It may be three versions behind, but it still works well. You get the idea–whatever you’ve been restraining yourself from doing or having because it wasn’t practical, now is the time to get it or do it. Getting something special for yourself will help you get over your sense of loss. 

Travel and Vacation

Share Your Experience with Other People 

No doubt, you’ve had many wonderful experiences, amazing adventures, unforgettable moments. Why not build a blog to share your travel experiences so you can share your epic moments with others? Inspire them to go places and do things and marvel at the world, too.

If you’re not keen on starting your own blog because you’ve got a busy schedule or because you don’t want to fuss over all the technical issues of setting up a website, then consider guest posting about your experience on a travel blog. The editors would love to hear about your adventures and would be eager to share your travel tips on where to go and what to do with their readers. 

Plan Your Next Trip 

Even if you can’t go on another trip for some time because you have obligations at home or need to go back to work, just thinking about your next trip and planning where to wander will help you feel better. 

Remember, post-vacation blues are not unusual. So, don’t beat yourself up over them, considering yourself ungrateful for all the great things you have in your life. Everybody goes through the angst of descending from a peak experience. By following these suggested tips, you’ll soon regain your sunny disposition. 

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