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Project MC2, Lasagne and Owl Prints #LittleLoves

February 17, 2017

Half term is almost over, it’s been lovely having the children home. Although Roo woke in the night feeling light-headed and promptly vomited all over her bedroom floor (I do not do vomit! especially at 2.30am). She is currently tucked up in her bed looking rather pale, although she has stopped vomiting quite so regularly so I can hope that she is over the worst of it. Sadly, this does mean that she is going to miss the trip to the cinema with Tigger and Mr. Boo to see The LEGO Batman Movie.


A quick trip into the city earlier this week produced some new reads for the children. I’m lucky in that they are all really interested in books so I’m always happy to oblique with a new book or two for their bookcase.

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Netflix has featured quite a lot this week, with us catching up on som family films. Roo, however, has been so pleased to see the release of Project MC2: Part 4 on Netflix. Just one 35 minute episode released on Valentine’s Day, so she is already craving more episodes.


Chitter chatter, banter, and bickering. Having the children at home has meant that I’ve been listening to them natter away to each other. They are all talkers so it’s a challenge to see who can talk the most or the loudest to be heard. Amongst the chattering, there has been lots of laughter and a slice of bickering for good measure.


Lasagne – We are still emptying out our big chest freezer in the garage, so have been making meals from whatever we lay our hands on first. This week was a couple of packets of mince, so I opted to make a family favourite, Lasagne. Roo especially loves it with a helping for both lunch and tea!


I’ve been making full use of the 25% off TU clothing at Sainsbury’s this week. Piglet has benefited the most with some wardrobe essentials added into my shopping trolley. As well as these gorgeous owl design top (pack of 3) and Harlem style trousers (pack of 2). Purple is her colour so I couldn’t resist these when I saw them.

Clothing and Roo


It’s Piglet’s Christening this weekend so I’ve been buffet planning, food shopping and generally making sure that all the last minute details are in place. I’m sure that everything will slot into place on Sunday, but for not I’m having a bit of a panic.

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