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Top 5 Housewarming Gifts

February 17, 2017

Moving into a new house is an exciting time in someone’s life no matter what stage of life they are at, and it is a tradition for family and friends to present housewarming gifts.

Picking out a housewarming gift can be a difficult task – you want to pick out something that they will love, will have some use out of but have not already got. Imagine spending out on a new coffee machine only to find the exact same model sitting in their kitchen.

The perfect gift for a new home does not have to be expensive, however, and should be just a small something for the new occupant can keep hold of as a keepsake.

Top 5 Housewarming Gifts

A man and a woman sitting on a table

Personalised Cushions

Small cushions with personalising stitching are a sweet gift for a new home – perfect for a daughter flying the nest or a young couple moving in together. All homes need a feminine touch to make a house feel like a home, and with cushions the girl’s favourite decorative touch, you can never have too many.

If this is a gift from a family member or close friend, this small and inexpensive present can mean the world and will always have a spot on the sofa.


Very much the go-to housewarming gift for parents to give their children when entering the big wide world on their own, cutlery is one of the cornerstones of the kitchen. Without proper knives and forks available there is less chance of healthy and nutritious meals being consumed and a higher chance of empty pizza boxes filling the recycling.

Cutlery is available in a range of different prices and, while you will not want to spend the best part of a grand, don’t just settle for any set. Invest in beautifully designed pieces that will last a good few years before they will need to be replaced, making for an elegant, yet beneficial housewarming gift.

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Just like cushions, you can never have too many glasses. There is one for all occasions – for celebrations, romantic meals, and normal day-to-day use.

Beautiful glassware is always a welcome gift into any new household, whether it is an excuse to crack open the champagne or pouring a bottle of red into LSA wine glasses. Perfect if you are looking for a traditional housewarming gift for a friend moving into a new home.

Food Baskets

The ideal gift for someone who has pretty much everything that you can think, a food basket is a lovely gesture of friendship, wishing the other well as they embark on their new chapter. If you know exactly what tickles their fancy, personalise the basket with an assortment of their favourite treats – if they are a chocolate lover, pile in as much naughty goodness as possible, or a fruit basket if they are more conscious of what they eat.

A basket doesn’t necessarily have to be exclusive to food; you can include anything you know that they will appreciate, even if it’s just a few bottles of their favourite drink. After the stressful process of moving in, all they will want to do is sit down and relax with their beverage of choice.


Often the best housewarming gifts are those that make the place feel more homely, and not many gifts manage that like a simple vase of flowers can do. The right assortment can brighten up the place as natural decoration.

Bouquets of flowers have a very welcoming effect and help to bring out our creative side, so this is an especially perfect gift for someone that will be working from home a lot, or has a number of outside interests and hobbies.

However you choose to mark your friend or family member’s new home should be a small and inexpensive gift with a personal touch and, if possible, something that can be used for a good time after.

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