A pink birthday cake

Organising Piglet’s Christening

January 17, 2017

Coming from a catholic upbringing getting my children christened is important to me. Whilst religion isn’t something I’ve talked about on here, it is something that is part of me. Whilst the children are baptised into the Church of England faith rather than Roman Catholic like myself. With each of the children we have always tried to arrange that they are baptised sooner later than later. Partly due to my beliefs and partly because it is easier when they are little babies. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to organise Piglet’s christening lat year. Between moving home and then all my redundancy issues.

Organising Piglet’s Christening

I did contact our new parish back in August to start arrangements for her baptism, however, our new reverend covers six churches within our local area. This meant that there was a waiting list for baptisms and we would be looking at January at the earliest. Whilst this was not ideal we agreed to it, however, as we grew closer to Christmas I was concerned that we hadn’t heard anything regarding a date. After contacting the parish again, we had somehow been missed off the waiting list.

Not wanting to leave it another few months I reached out to our old parish reverend who has kindly agreed to baptise Piglet at the end of February. With a date confirmed I am now busying myself with organising Piglet’s christening.

A large green field in front of a church


I’d originally hoped to have the service in the smaller church within out old parish were Tigger was baptised. However, they have reduced the number of services so we are booked into the Minster. It’s a much larger church so I’m slightly nervous about it but I’m sure it will be OK.


The tradition is to have two female godparents and one male godparent for a girl and the opposite for a boy. We are changing things slightly by having three female godparents for Piglet. With my sister-in-law, my best friend and one of my closest work colleagues and friend all kindly agreeing to take up the role for Piglet. Whilst being a godparent is not legally binding, it is important to me that we chose people who would be there for her should anything happen to us.


I’ve made a list of everyone we’d like to invite to see our baby girl get baptised. Unfortunately, there are a handful of these invitations that we will be cursory invites and I know that they will not attend (not matter how much I’d love for them to be there). I’m hoping to get the invitations printed this week and sent out to give everyone a few weeks notice.

A pink birthday cake

After party

One of my friends owns a local hotel and has kindly offered to let us hold the party there. I need to arrange catering for the party, however, I’m thinking that I might do this myself to keep costs down. Then deliver to the hotel on the morning before the service.


Having looked through our wardrobes, I have managed to find outfits for Mr. Boo, Tigger, and Roo. I need to try to find something for myself but not really sure what I want to wear. Piglet still needs a christening dress, which I’ve seen a couple that I like online. I could do with popping into the city to see them up close to see which would be best.

To some, all this fuss just for a christening is a bit much. To me, however, it is a very important day in Piglet’s life so I need to make sure its right.

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