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Pregnancy – it’s not like this in the books

August 14, 2015

With my first pregnancy I read all the books, I bought all the magazines and subscribed to all the pregnancy emails that told me how big my baby was and how I might be feeling. That pregnancy I breezed through with no problems until I finished work at 38 weeks. I then had a week of swollen ankles, hands etc., protein in my urine and high blood pressure resulting in pre-eclampsia. With Roo born at 38+5 weeks.

Tigger’s pregnancy was a different kettle of fish in that instead of high blood pressure I suffered from low blood pressure and was told to drink more fluids and rest up when I could. Other than that it was pretty much an easy pregnancy with Tigger finally making his appearance at 40+2 weeks (with me going into labour at Roo’s 4th birthday party).

Piglet’s pregnancy however is completely different once again. I’m not sure if it’s a combination of being older, heavier and running around after two children but this pregnancy – it’s not like this in the books.

I look back at my previous pregnancies and how much I enjoyed my growing bump, feeling those first kicks etc yet this time round I feel as though I’ve been given the rough end of the deal.

I find myself sitting here and thinking of the film ‘What to expect when you’re expecting‘ and the differences between pregnancies when finally Wendy (played by Elizabeth Banks) calls the truth on pregnancy….

This right here is how I feel!

First trimester hangover

For the majority of my first trimester I felt as though I’d been on a serious drinking session the night before and was suffering from the worlds worst hangover. The dizziness, the headache, the feeling sick, the lack of energy – honestly it re-enforced one of the reasons why I don’t drink.


The pain in the bum that just doesn’t go (although Mr Boo does find it quite funny when I tell him about it). You wouldn’t think that a trapped nerve could cause you so much pain and discomfort, whether it’s sitting, standing, walking or laying down – it hurts!

Sweaty Betty

With an increased blood supply the books tell you that you may feel warmer than normal. What they don’t tell you about is the hot and sticky mess you become. From the night sweats when you wake up to find your pyjamas soaked with sweat, to the red in the face delight you find yourself whenever you go out in the slightest bit of sunshine to the uncontrolled sweating that seems to come on for no apparent reason.

Food, glorious food

The foods that you enjoyed before pregnancy are either not allowed or they make you want to hurl. Although I’m lucky in that I don’t really vomit during pregnancy the feeling of sickness can be really overwhelming. The feeling that you know you need to eat, you have to eat but really don’t fancy anything at all. You can stand and make the most delicious meal for your family, sit down to enjoy it and don’t even want a mouthful. Then foods you do manage to eat give you heartburn – delightful!


We’ve all had days when we are tired and could do with getting our heads down for a little nap. However the exhaustion within pregnancy takes feeling a little sleepy to a hold new level. It can stop you in your tracks and make you want to drop everything to get your head down – which can be easier said than done. It can creep up on you and wipe you out for an entire day, no matter how much or how little sleep you get your body seems to crave more.

Pregnancy ladies – it’s not like this in the books!

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