Piglet – Four Months Old

March 27, 2016

This past month Piglet has surprised me with how much she takes in her stride (so to speak). We have been so busy with house viewings, appointments and general family life. Through it all, she has smiled and never really fussed about it all.

Even with her second round of injections she only gave a little yelp before settling down for a cuddle with Mummy. Mind you with fewer injections than the first time round she was probably just happy to get away with only two this time. Thankfully she didn’t really suffer that night either, I can remember Roo always being fussy for a good 24 hours after her injections.

As a rule, we have found a routine and on the days where we have altered it we can tell that she is out of sync. Ensuring that she gets her nap in the morning seems to be the important thing, with that under our belts she is generally happy for the rest of the day.

Piglet - 4 Months

Touch wood she is a good sleeper at night., going down between 7-8pm and waking between 6-7am. Whilst she will stir a little in the night she self-soothes and drifts off again.

During the day, she is becoming more active with wanting to sit up on your lap rather than laying down. She has just started to roll onto her side which I’m not quite ready for. She is wriggling around her play mat and is no longer in the same spot that I left her in if I pop to the toilet etc. I have high hopes that she might be my first baby to walk before they are one year old.

The giggles have really started to kick in this month especially when you tickle her feet, she has always had ticklish feet but now we are treated to some beautiful giggles that are so infectious that you can’t help but giggle along with her.

As we have been so busy this month I’ve been a terrible mum and failed to get her weighed, so it’s top of my must-do list for April.

  • Debbie April 2, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    Those eyes!- there’s a lot behind those eyes.
    I still can’t believe Piglet is a part of your lives- I’ve no doubt your legs are going like billy-o beneath the surface but really- you’re like a swan keeping it all together.
    You really are a part of a beautiful family.

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