A little boy sitting at a table with a birthday cake

Piglet – Twelve Months

December 14, 2016

Just 12 months ago I was a mum to two feeling nervous about adding Piglet into our family mix. Now, however, it is hard for me to imagine our family without her in it,  She has completed our family unit and managed to capture us all under her spell.

A little boy sitting at a table with a birthday cake

Over the past month, her cheeky personality has really started to shine. Between her fascination with blowing raspberries and her pouting smile. She is definitely an old head on young shoulders, taking everything in and always looking for an opportunity to escape, grab something or pull open a cupboard.

A mixture of teething and a winter cold has meant we’ve endured a few sleepless nights. Whilst I’,m never a fan of getting up in the middle of the night, there is something lovely about giving those reassuring cuddles on the sofa in the darkness. Piglet has now cut one of her top teeth so fingers crossed sleep filled night will resume.

A small child playing with a toy

Routine is still very much key to Piglet’s day. With one main nap taking place in the morning, although this can vary in time,  it needs to happen otherwise it puts her out for the rest of the day.

Despite my initial thoughts about her going to take her first steps before her first birthday, she has thankfully decided to wait a little while longer. She is still happily cruising along the furniture, however, making no attempt to stand unaided as yet (thank goodness, I’m not quite ready for a walker).

Her first birthday was a quiet family affair, with everyone coming over for a tea party. Receiving some amazing toys and clothes she was very spoilt. She was full of smiles for everyone and enjoyed munching on her birthday cake.

I still can’t believe that she is a year old, baby days are numbered and soon the toddler months will be ahead of me.

  • RachelSwirl December 18, 2016 at 12:14 am

    oh bless such a cute little piglet you have. It’s amazing that once they are here it’s as if they have always been part of your life.

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